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Season 10 Finale, Part 1

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Weird interstitial. Tom is a real pain in the ass as an expediter.

Tom comes out and joins the judges at their table. Padma asks for his take. Tom says that Brooke was a little behind, but she managed to get through it. He adds that they were all in the weeds at times. John Besh thought the meal was great, but Hugh thinks it was easy and a little safe. Martin Yan wanted more attention to individual elements. Padma thanks John and Martin, who aren't judging, I guess.

Back in the kitchen, the cheftestants talk about how tough that was for all of them. Kristen isn't happy with her dessert, especially the plating. Brooke says she really doesn't want that to be the note on which she goes out.

Judges' Table. The final three face Emeril, Hugh, Tom, and Padma, who explains that two of them will move on to the finale. Emeril and Hugh loved Sheldon's appetizer, and thought it was perfectly cooked. Tom thought Sheldon's quail was cooked perfectly, but he didn't like the pine nuts. Emeril wonders why Sheldon thought he needed to change his cooking style, when the elevated Filipino style served him so well throughout. Sheldon wanted to show another side, but Hugh isn't sure they needed to see another side. They liked the side they saw enough to put him in the finals. And it's not like, when Sheldon cooked Filipino food, he ever got negative feedback that it wasn't refined enough. They always loved his authentic dishes, and they loved the flavors. The judges thought the concept for Sheldon's dessert was interesting, but putting raw fennel was a mistake. Padma asks if he came prepared with a dessert, and Sheldon says he has one for the next round. Ouch.

Moving on to Kristen, they liked the texture of her soup, but Hugh thought it was a little safe. Kristen wanted to simplify things with her second course, and they loved the tuna, but thought the lemon was a little too bitter. Padma asks if she was happy with her dessert, and Kristen starts laughing and says that she wasn't happy with it. Emeril says that he liked the flavors, and it could be something with more development, but the other judges are like, "Cajun, please."

And finally, Brooke. Everyone liked her first dish, but Hugh thought she should have cleaned the sweetbreads more. Brooke says she was cleaning them to order, and Tom says that she wasn't prepared enough when service started. Everyone loved Brooke's second course; they have no complaints. They also all liked Brooke's dessert, except for Tom. He thought it wasn't up-to-par for a restaurant dessert. Brooke says that tonight was not her best effort. And yet, two of her three courses were clear winners.

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