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Season 10 Finale, Part 2

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So the finale starts without the typical "Previously on Top Chef" segment. Instead, Padma is walking down the steps in a huge open kitchen stadium and introduces the finalists, Brooke and Kristen, while the live studio audience cheers madly. What the fuck is this? I guess I should give it a chance. Anyway, behind Padma, we see Kristen and Brooke already cooking with help from previously-eliminated cheftestants. What are they cooking? What is the final challenge? I'm so confused.

And isn't it a great way to begin a final episode? Confusing the people who have actually watched the entire season including every episode of Last Chance Kitchen? I mean, if I'm confused, people who have only watched sporadically must have already changed the channel, right? This format is bullshit.

Padma explains that the finalists are making five dishes that will be served to the entire studio audience (who are seated at tables like this is dinner theater) and the judges (who are seated at an Idol style judges' platform). And the first dish goes out in a few minutes. They're already plating? But what was the challenge? Was it just "Cook five dishes"? How did they choose their sous chefs? I'm so confused.

Ooh, they're going to a taped segment. Clearly, this will explain everything. Okay, so far they're just showing clips that explain how Brooke got here. I've got a tip: she didn't lose any challenges. And how did Kristen get here? She did lose a challenge, but then she won Last Chance Kitchen. Brooke thinks Kristen is her stiffest competition. Kristen wants to win. Okay, none of that is information that I didn't already know, but if someone didn't watch the whole season, I guess that was necessary.

Okay, now we're back in the kitchen but it's three hours earlier. Three hours earlier than what? The opening? Is this Lost? Why are there flashbacks? Everyone is cheering wildly as Brooke and Kristen come out into the stadium kitchen and join their teams. Brooke asks, "What is this?" GOOD QUESTION, BROOKE! Why is this show suddenly turning into an Iron Chef/Chopped retread? Nothing against those shows - I have enjoyed both from time to time. But it's not what I'm looking for from this show. Anyway, they've already chosen their teams, so I guess we don't get to see that, and they already know what the challenge is, so I guess they're not going to tell us that, and they have three hours to cook. By the way, Brooke's team is CJ, Stefan, and Kuniko, and Kristen's team is Sheldon, Lizzie, and Josh. Why didn't Kristen pick Stefan? What order did they choose those people in and why? These are questions that I guess won't be answered, unless we get another flashback.

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