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As you may remember from the last episode, it's Restaurant Wars, and Kristen and Sheldon have won the opportunity to be the executive chefs and lead teams to open their restaurant concept. It's men versus women, by chance. Sheldon's team is at a bit of a disadvantage because they have one fewer cheftestant with Micah's elimination.

Kristen explains to her team that she wants to do French with a twist, and Brooke interviews that they've all been trained by classical French chefs at some point, but their downfall is that Kristen doesn't have any experience being an executive chef. Sheldon's concept is modern Filipino and he's calling the restaurant after his grandfather Urbano. The issue he has is that Stefan and Josh have zero experience cooking Filipino food. Stefan does have experience in Restaurant Wars, so he gets nominated to do front of house.

The next morning, the cheftestants go to check out the space. As they walk around, they are impressed by the space, especially the patio for outdoor seating. One problem - they can't find the kitchen. Sheldon's team consults their dossier and discovers that they have to build their kitchen in the outdoor patio. Wow. That seems like an unnecessary level of complication for an already complicated challenge. As Stefan interviews, "Who does that?" Kristen's team comes out and learns the kitchen-building news. Sheldon quickly decides which side he wants, but instead of just letting him have it, Kristen boldly steps up and says they need to discuss it first. She's right. Her point is sort of undercut when she realizes that she doesn't want the side he chose anyway.

They all scamper off to buy supplies and ingredients. Kristen goes with Lizzie because she hates Josie. Well, Kristen is a lot nicer about it, but that's what it boils down to. That means poor Brooke gets stuck with Josie, picking up rental equipment. As they discuss linens, Josie chooses a burnt orange napkin to go with the all white table setting. What about that color says Classical French? Brooke tones it down with a mossy green. Brooke interviews that she has a different disposition and their restaurant needs to have "a little bit more...class?" Kind of mean, but not wrong.

For the other team, Josh and Sheldon go food shopping and Stefan goes to pick out flowers. Stefan interviews that he really loves flowers and pebbles and vases, and it doesn't make him gay. He flirts with the flower lady to get a better deal. Sheldon explains Filipino food is a lot of stews with sour notes, and he's a little nervous about cooking Filipino with two people who've never made it before. Josh interviews that he's worried about the same thing.

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