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Season 2 Finale, Part II

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So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish
Turning to Marcel, the judges want to know the same things from him. Regarding his dishes, Marcel wants the judges to understand that while he might have used the same techniques before, he served them totally new dishes. Dishes he had never made before. "The majority of that menu was of my own inspiration," Marcel tells them. Colicchio wants to know what of it wasn't his own inspiration. Marcel references the fishless fish dish and says, "Sam and I decided to take the hearts of palm and use that as the center of the dish, so, yeah, Sam definitely helped me out on that one." Oh dear, "helped"? In the kitchen it wasn't as clear-cut as when Dave gave his dessert to Tiffani, but Sam still told the judges he basically created that dish. Padmadala asks where his kampachi was. Marcel says he put too much faith and trust in his co-workers, and he was let down. Hubert asks, "Was it a matter of your assistants not being one hundred percent behind you?" "You know, it might have been hard for Sam to be there a little bit, and I noticed somewhat of a lack of motivation, but at the same time, I mean, it's probably gotta be really hard for him to come in and go to bat for me when we've obviously had, like, you know, some confrontations in the past, and, you know, I think that he would like to be here tonight instead of me," Marcel says. So, that would be a "yes" to Hubert's question? Padmadala wants to know why so many of his colleagues have "locked horns" with him. Marcel says that he's actually a very nice guy and he's very likeable. He thinks it's the fact that it's a competition and he decided he wasn't there to make friends; he was there to win. Oh, the final fatal Faison words. Gail asks if what he served was the best meal he's ever cooked in his life. Marcel sidesteps the question by saying it doesn't matter if it was or wasn't because he's always trying to do better. "Because the moment that you think you've reached perfection is the moment you that you stop aspiring for it and that's the moment that you stop excelling and learning and progressing," Marcel goes on. Colicchio tells them they are both worthy of the title. Padmadala excuses them.

Deliberation. Gail says, "In five years there's no doubt in my mind they will both be very successful. The decision now is, who is most ready at this point." Colicchio adds, "We may have one now that's a little further ahead and then we may have one that just needs a little more time in the bottle." I think it's Elia who needs a little more time in the bottle.

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