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Hung tells Rocco, "Awesome, I'm so glad it's you." "I'm glad you're glad," Rocco tells him. Casey burbles excitedly, "Who am I going to get?" Michelle Bernstein is the next to arrive, so we've got some girl-on-girl action there. Casey greets her happily. And finally for Dale -- arriving in a black jacket with red accents, black pants, looking like the chef supervillain of the three -- is Todd English. "Here's how bad his on-camera chemistry is," the Evil Dr. Mathra analyzes for me "That coat? Is actually white." That's by way of saying that we were unfavorably impressed by The Todd when he did a Boston cooking show awkwardly named Cooking In With Todd English that aired on WGBH. We also had friends who worked in his kitchens and proclaimed him the height of assholery. However, that said, we adored his food at both Figs and Olives, and his pizza dough recipe is a godsend. (A Todd-send?) Meanwhile, he has a dorky MySpace page that plays "Roxanne." However, it doesn't matter what I think, because Dale is stoked about his assigned sous chef. The cheftestants and their "assistants" scurry off to begin their three hours of prep.

Back in the live studio with Padma, we learn that there are "some Hung supporters in the audience." Ahem. I'm sure his brothers are proud to be so described. Padma says that in the audience are Hung's mom and brother and a "rather familiar face." Pathetically, instead of showing the folks who are actually relevant tonight -- Hung's family -- the camera focuses on the rather familiar hair of Marcel. Ew! Marcel traded in his Wolverine sideburns for an Amish beard! So unattractive. No matter his height, coloring, or age, every guy who tries that just ends up looking like Abe Lincoln.

The six chefs get into the kitchens to start prepping and going over their menus. Rocco is impressed to hear that Hung has a bottle of tamarind juice to use for one of his dishes, and Hung tells us that Rocco totally gets him. Aw, they're in love! Although we never got to see it in The Restaurant, we've heard that Rocco is at his best when he's actually cooking, so this could be quite the television redemption arc for Rocco. Hung sends Rocco off to get cutting boards and other supplies.

Dale asks The Todd about his googolplex of restaurants. Michelle dips in with "He has so many restaurants -- you're amazing, I don't know how you do it!" The Todd's all, "I can't even remember them all sometimes." Dale tells us, "It feels really strange to say, 'I know you have more restaurants you can count, but chop me garlic right now.'" Dale goes on to say that the sous chefs are not allowed to give advice, but that you could see it on their faces when they really wanted to say something.

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