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Season 3 Finale, Part II

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The Huynh Of A Lifetime

More Food Flurry. The sous chefs weigh in on the cheftestants. Rocco admits that he doesn't totally comprehend all of what Hung is doing, but he thinks Hung just needs to make sure to taste everything. The Todd likes that Dale is being regional and seasonal. Michelle thinks Casey was pretty nervous in the beginning, but as time goes on, she has gotten inspired by Casey's attitude and she really likes her and wants everything to work out for her. Time ticks down and prep is done for the day. All the sous chefs embrace all the cheftestants and wish them luck.

Back to Padma, who tells us Casey's family is in the audience. Thanks, Padma.

The next morning, the cheftestants are back in the kitchen for two more hours before service. Having learned with the elk challenge that portable stoves produce a good sear, Hung pulls out portable stoves and takes over the back area. Hung tells us that his signature food has "strong Asian flavors," and the fact that the judges couldn't see soul in his food really hurt him. He tells us that he has a second chance to prove himself "for real."

Food Flurry. After Casey explains to us how she plans to use the two hours for nothing groundbreaking, Hung tells us how comfortable he is with the challenge: "It's only three courses -- that's like a walk in the park." Especially for average palates.

Colicchio arrives for his final Sniff 'n' Sneer of the season. Checking in with Dale, Colicchio learns that Dale scrapped his idea of French gnocchi because of the water boiling issue, so he just went with traditional gnocchi. Colicchio moves on to Casey and questions her closely on how she prepared the pork belly. She braised it yesterday and now it's crisping in a low oven. Colicchio wonders how long she plans on leaving it in. Casey isn't really sure, but she thinks it's almost there. Over at Hung's station, Colicchio notes the portable burners, and the misdirected loser music plays as Colicchio gets a rundown of Hung's menu. Hung laughs to us, "Every time I explain my ingredients to Chef Tom, he gives me this look as if I'm nuts! And I can see it in his eyes, like, 'What is wrong with this guy?'" Hung finally finishes his explanations: "Very clean -- that's Hung!" Colicchio then pulls everyone away from cooking: "Come on. Let's go take a little walk, a little break." Dale's reaction to this is "Well, kiss my ass -- I have like an hour left and you're taking me out of the kitchen?!" Hung tells us, "I'm wondering, 'What the hell is going on? I've got dinner to put out!'" Nevertheless, they all follow Colicchio to yet another dreaded knife block and are told that they will each have to prepare a fourth course. They can use whatever is available in the kitchen, and can patch the course in at any point in their meal. "I wanted to punch him in the face," Dale shrugs. To offset this latest twist, the cheftestants are going to get some help in the form of more sous chefs. Out walk Sara M., CJ, and Howie. ...Interesting choices. No Tre, no Brian. Hung doesn't want to work with Howie because "he's a messy cook," and he doesn't want to cook with CJ because, as he tells us, "CJ hates my guts for I don't know what reason." They draw knives to pair up as follows: Casey and Howie, Hung and Sara, Dale and CJ. The six go back to the kitchen for their last hour.

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