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Seriously, Bravo? Why? Why do we need to go back here? You stuck a ham-handed reunion in the middle of This, Our Season Of Eternity, which amounted to little more than a clip show, and now this? Clearly the cheftestants feel the same way, because when Andy Cohen turns his grouper lips to them and welcomes them all back, their response is worse than lukewarm; it's room temperature. I think Brian and all the Malarkeys are really the only ones to respond with any sort of life. After Cohen introduces the judges -- Colicchio, Padma, Gail, and Ted -- he reminds everyone that by the end of the night, one of the cheftestants will be walking away with $10,000 after being voted fan favorite. The mention of cold, hard cash does manage to rouse the cheftestants from their food comas, and when Cohen asks who among them thinks they have a chance at the win, it looks like both Howie and Hung raise their hands. Hung guffaws at his own nerve, and Colicchio laughingly tells him, "My friend, you have NO shot!" Hung laughs harder and agrees. Cohen then congratulates Hung on his Top Chef win, and we waste even more time watching the tail end of last week's episode, which, if you tuned in two minutes early tonight for the reunion, you were lucky enough to catch againagainagainagainagain.

Cohen then brings us along on a Hung montage to show us how Hung got to where he is today. Most of the clips are familiar, but there are one or two with Hung saying how, at the fork-tender age of nine, he watched cooking shows instead of cartoons and would then go into his mother's kitchen and duplicate the dishes he saw on TV. Those clips might be new. Then we get some fairly intimate looks of Hung jumping out of bed in the morning -- check the Defamer analysis for the full Monte Cristo -- and doing push-ups. These scenes are interspersed with other cheftestants giving us their opinions of Hung. Again, nothing ground-breaking here. Hung is fast, Hung is furious, Hung is egomaniacal. One thing I don't recall seeing during the first airing of the episode is Hung calling the Bombay Sapphire guy "the British asshole" when the guy slammed Hung's cocktail/appetizer combo. Throughout all the examples of his own assholery, Hung is down in the corner screen laughing at himself. He laughs even harder when CJ is shown in a confessional saying that Hung is sort of an asshole. More clips, more Hung.

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