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"You all had to use a lot of skills during restaurant wars that aren't required in other challenges," says Bourdain, before telling Dale that on both leadership and the scallop dish, "You fell down, and you fell down hard." If Dale could see that this was a dysfunctional group (um, even Helen Keller could see that), it was his job to compensate for that. Lisa, on the other hand, made a laksa that was overpowered by smoke, and the rice pudding "blew it all." At least I think that's what he said -- I can't be sure. Spike, "through guile, or luck, however it happened," chose a good week to be in the dining room. "Dale," says Padma, "Please pack your knives and go." Sad to say, he pretty much deserved that, even though I think he's a more talented chef than either Spike or Lisa. After thanking the judges for the opportunity, and maintaining that making bad choices doesn't make you a bad chef -- no, just a bad person -- Dale gets a round of hugs from Warehouse Kitchen and Spike while Lisa pouts in the corner. He explains that you either love him or you hate him and that he can live with his elimination since he busted his ass. He tears up when he says something unintelligible but nice about Antonia, Richard and Stephanie, and intimates that he knew he'd be going home and feels like he disappointed people (awww). He leaves for someplace where he can continue cooking.

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