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Back in the suite/Stew Room, Hosea tells the others that Richard helped him, but ultimately he cooked his own food tonight, CARLA! God, what a dick thing to say while Carla is still recovering from her crying. And she's too nice to say so. I hope Hosea feels like a dick. Anyway, the judges have reached a decision, and after the commercial break, they're going to tell us what they've decided.

The cheftestants reappear in front of the judges for the final time. Padma tells them that one of them is Top Chef, and reviews the prizes. Tom thanks them for an exceptional finale. He tells Carla that she was strong all the way, and they always enjoyed seeing her food cooked her way, with the subtext that it's not what they saw tonight. He tells Hosea that he's "steady across the board." Thanks? And he tells Stefan that he had amazing highs and amazing lows, but they ultimately based their decision on the overall flavor of the meal. After an interminable pause, Padma tells Hosea that he's Top Chef. The other two congratulate him, and the judges come out to join him.

The former contestants join them too, and there's a pretty intense kiss between Hosea and Leah. An intense kiss for two really fucking boring people. Stefan interviews that he would have won if he'd done a different dessert. Maybe so, but I think his carpaccio didn't help. An amazing dessert might have won it, though. He goes on to say he would have loved to have won, but he's going to keep moving on in his career. In Carla's final interview, she says that she should have done her own food, and she won't make that mistake again. She cries that she wanted to show people that you could compete with love, and she feels she accomplished that. I'd agree. Carla was a class act all the way. Everyone toasts Hosea, who interviews that the victory was even sweeter because he beat out Stefan. Maybe he's in love with Stefan. Leah needs to look out. Hosea promises us that things are going to change for him. I know one that that's going to change -- new contestants and a new season, because this one is all over but the reunion next week.

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