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The three cheftestants draw knives. Carla goes first, and gets to choose her sous chef third. Stefan is supposed to go next, but he's already starting with the head games, and he lets Hosea pull his knife instead. Hosea gets number one. Now, he might have got that no matter which turn he took, but it does kind of put a kink in Stefan's plan to get in Hosea's head, doesn't it? Hosea interviews that Marcel reminds him of Stefan, so he didn't want him at all. Hosea chooses Richard, which is who I would have chose, too, and seems like a good fit for Hosea, because he might push Hosea to be more creative. I think that's one thing Hosea has lacked a bit this season. Stefan chooses Marcel, and explains in an interview, "He's a great chef. He's a bit of a twat, but who's not?" We can say "twat" on television now? Wow. Also, that made me like Stefan more. So Carla gets Casey, and claims that she wanted her all along, and explains in an interview that she remembers Casey as being "very meticulous." Padma wishes them all luck and dismisses them.

The cheftestants arrive at The Audubon Tea Room, where they will do their prep. It is jam-packed with ingredients, and they all head to the walk-in to choose their proteins. Hosea ducks in and then quickly ducks out with an armful of ingredients as he interviews that his strategy is to start out with the best ingredients that he can. Meanwhile, Stefan and Marcel are busy chit-chatting and miss the fact that Hosea has just taken all the foie gras in the walk-in. Stefan chases him down and asks for two of the three loaves (or whatever unit foie gras comes in) back, claiming that he had set them aside. Hosea gives him one, and they argue over who had dibs. Hosea (generously in my opinion) offers to split another loaf in half so that they each get one and a half. Stefan is pissy about it, but you know, finders keepers and all that. As Sars was fond of saying, it's Top Chef, not Top Montessori School. Stefan interviews that he thinks it's bullshit and now he wants to beat Hosea more than ever. Is there really time to be arguing about this? Let it go, dude. Just cook better food.

Hosea interviews that he's going for strong flavors in his food, and he knows he wants to do a raw fish first course, something with scallops for the second and a game for the third course. He's skipping dessert because they don't have to do it, and he knows it's not his strength. He's going to sleep on his choices tonight (not literally -- that seafood would really start to stink), and make his final decisions tomorrow. Stefan comes by Hosea's station and asks Richard how they got all three tins of caviar. Richard tells him to take it up with Hosea, which is smart. Stay out of it, Blais. Richard interviews that he knows how much it sucks to lose, and he's really rooting for Hosea to win, and will do what he can to make that happen. Stefan brings up the caviar with Hosea, who seems to capitulate on that, too. So if Stefan is going to claim that Hosea bogarted ingredients, he doesn't really have a case.

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