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Weird interstitial. The cheftestants are "treated" to a voodoo tarot card reader in their hotel room. She also has a crystal ball. And chicken bones. Hey, New Orleans Chamber of Commerce -- you might be perpetuating some stereotypes here. There's a fine line between local color and stereotypes. Stefan asks her about his love life, and specifically about a girl named Jamie. She looks at his palm, because apparently she is a psychic generalist who uses any and all tools to predict the future, and tells Stefan that Jamie is a possible girlfriend for him. Everyone laughs, except Jamie's actual girlfriend, who is probably throwing things at her television right now.

The next day, the cheftestants arrive at Commander's Palace and find Colicchio standing there to introduce the famed finale twist. Tom announces that they're adding another course. Carla interviews that she's already feeling rushed for time, and the butterflies in her stomach are turning into bats. And she imitates the bats. It's quite a thing to see. Colicchio tells them that they have to make an appetizer using either crab, red fish or alligator. Stefan interviews that alligator is "a wacky meat," like kangaroo or raccoon. Tom announces further that they'll be eating King Cake, and whichever cheftestant gets the baby Jesus in his or her slice gets to choose which ingredient he or she wants, as well as which ingredient the others have to use. Hosea interviews that none of them want to cook with alligator, since they aren't used to it, unlike the crab or fish choices. Each cheftestant takes a giant slab of cake and starts eating. Fairly quickly, Hosea finds the baby figurine. He takes the red fish, gives Carla the crab, and sticks Stefan with the alligator. In an interview, Hosea gives Stefan the finger and tells him he'll really have to work for the title. Here's the thing about Hosea: I would like him a lot better if he didn't care so much about Stefan. If he would just focus on his own food and stop giving Stefan the attention he so desperately wants, everyone would be a lot happier. Except the producers, because this conflict makes for good television, I suppose. Stefan interviews how lucky Hosea is. Colicchio dismisses them and promises to come back and check on them later.

The sous chefs show up and the cooking begins in earnest. Hosea decides to focus on his appetizer, which is going to be a corn cake with Creole remoulade and a piece of blackened red fish. He lets Richard start the cooking for his other three courses. Hosea feels like his appetizer represents New Orleans well.

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