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The finalists walk out to introduce their last course. Stefan says that he made stracciatella ice cream, chocolate mousse with vanilla syrup, and a banana lollipop. I still maintain that all of those items are great, but they seem like a plate you'd bring back to the table at Old Country Buffet or something. Carla says that she has an apple tart coin with a blue cheese and walnut crumble. She comes right out and tells the diners that her soufflé sank. I don't know if I would have tried to pass off the dish as complete or admit to my mistake. Maybe I'd wait until judges' table to admit it. Hosea made the non-dessert course, which is pan-roasted venison on a chestnut and celery root puree, with wild mushrooms and a blackberry demi-glace. Blais also added carbonated blackberries. I don't know if that sounds good or not. I think I'd like to try them, though.

The diners eat the final course. Rocco asks about the missing soufflé, and Gail says that she really expected a great dessert from Carla, and she's "incredibly disappointed." The executive chef from Commander's Palace liked Stefan's dish the best, and thought it was a great finish to his meal. Colicchio isn't impressed, because he doesn't think Stefan's dish is "a complete thought" and Gail thought the presentation was dated. Tom and Gail both think Hosea's dish was well-done and played to his strengths. Fabio admits that Stefan's dish is a bit lackluster for a finale, and thinks that Hosea's dish was better, as much as he doesn't want to admit it. Padma asks what Fabio thinks of the meal overall, and Fabio reluctantly admits that Hosea's was better, due to his final dish. Keller wonders if they're saying it's okay to avoid making a dessert, since he thinks a Top Chef should be able to make at least one good dessert. Ti Martin clearly agrees with him. Padma thanks them all and the judges leave to reconvene at Judges' Table.

Back in the kitchen, Carla gives Casey a big hug and thanks her, and Casey says she's sorry she didn't get to show Carla off. In a really chopped-up interview, Carla says that she knows this wasn't the best meal she's ever made, but she knows that parts of it were great. Stefan thanks Marcel with a hearty man-hug. Hosea tells Richard that he owes him, no matter what the outcome of the competition. He interviews that he doesn't know what to think, because he's been surprised by the outcome of the competitions before, but he knows that he can face the judges because he's proud of the meal he made tonight. Stefan interviews that you just don't know how the judges will react. He and Hosea toast each other and Carla comes over and gives them both a hug.

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