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Sunset Lounge? Isn't That a Don Henley Song?

Now it's time for Carla's desserts. She interviews that the chocolate cake was not great, and the cashew brittle served with it wasn't cooked. It does look quite gooey, and as the name suggests, you kind of expect brittle to be...brittle. The yogurt is still not frozen, so it looks more like yogurt soup. Radhika tries to help Carla get some acceptable food into a bowl, and in an interview Carla giggles that it's a hot mess and a trainwreck is coming. The desserts are served anyway. Radhika explains that it's a spiced chocolate cake with crème fromage and cashew brittle. It's really more of a cupcake, which might explain why it was dry. There are also a fig frozen yogurt and a mint frozen yogurt, served with baklava cigars. Toby Young asks for a spoon - apparently they took his when clearing the table and didn't bring another one for dessert. Colicchio is also missing utensils. Starr says they should eat it quickly, since it's melting, but Colicchio says he can't, and that's Radhika's problem. Meanwhile, Radhika is back in the kitchen doing nothing. No one is impressed with any of the desserts. Toby Young says it was the least impressive part of the meal, and makes a reference to Elvis's career: started off well, and died on the toilet. He gets an assist from Stephen Starr on the last part. A random diner says the frozen yogurt tastes like lotion and another says they need to take the spiced chocolate cake off the menu.

Radhika is having trouble managing the seating. In an interview, she admits that she's a little bit lost. Various diners say that the hostess seemed kind of intense, not friendly, and like she wasn't enjoying herself. Jamie interviews that Radhika is spending more time in the kitchen than she should, and keeps standing there staring at the tickets instead of going to the hostess stand. The judges are also unimpressed with Radhika's performance. Colicchio points out that Radhika is MIA once again, and they could leave right now without getting a goodbye. They decide to do just that, and sure enough, Radhika is hanging out in the kitchen and misses their exit.

Now it's time for the food at Sunset Lounge. Leah interviews that service is going well, but she's nervous about the judges. She's not used to being in a leadership role, and she's also not happy about her dish (the fish that had to be sliced into), but she's hoping things go okay. Fabio goes from table to table laying on the charm, and even he admits that he speaks with a thicker accent because he knows people like that.

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