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Sunset Lounge? Isn't That a Don Henley Song?

Post-meal, Radhika tells Jamie that anything that went wrong was her fault, and if anyone goes home, she will. She interviews that she couldn't be everywhere at once (yet somehow Fabio managed it, but I guess that's why you don't put your team leader out front). Carla thinks a loss will be her fault, because her desserts were so bad. Carla confesses to Jamie that even the waiter told her the desserts were bad. Saucy waiter!

Leah wants to know what Fabio overheard about the food. Fabio gives it to her straight: the sashimi was underseasoned, and many of the cod dishes were raw. Leah interviews that the only way she'll be saved is if the other team did worse than she did. Hosea interviews that he's relived that service is over, and he thinks if the comment cards are good, his team will pull out the victory. Various diners fill out comment cards but we don't really get to see what they write.

The judges mull over the meals. Stephen Starr says that he's leaning towards Sahana, but Stefan's desserts make him kind of lean the other way. Colicchio reminds everyone to factor in the greeting and service, and Fabio wins hands down. Toby Young thinks the food may have been marginally better at Sahana, but the service was leaps and bounds better at Sunset Grill, and the challenge is to run a restaurant, not just cook food. They head to Judges' Table.

In the Stew Room, the cheftestants discuss how crappy their equipment was. On top of the freezers not working, the pilot lights kept going out on the stove, and the oven temperatures were uneven. Padma comes in and asks to see Sunset Lounge. It kills me how Fabio, every time he stands up, straightens out his tiny suit jacket.

At Judges' Table, Padma asks Leah how the evening went. Leah says there were ups and downs, but she thought it went okay. Colicchio says that the judges were split, but by a very slight margin, the diners preferred Sunset Lounge. Padma says that Stefan's desserts and Fabio's service won the competition for them. Toby Young says that Fabio won him over. Padma asks about the cod. Colicchio says that the cod was the worst dish from either team, and if their team had lost, Leah would be going home. Leah: Marked for Death. Then again, I thought that about Lisa last season, and she made the finals. Stephen Starr gets to announce the winner, which is Stefan. Padma says that he gets a suite of Sheinhardt Wig Company appliances. The Sunset Lounge team is excused and asked to send in the Sahana team. In the Stew Room, Leah says that her dish was the worst, and Hosea says that it was a close decision. Jamie thinks that's good, probably because it means that all of their dishes weren't a total disaster.

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