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Team Sahana faces the Judges' Table. Padma asks Radhika what went wrong. Radhika, looking totally drained and exhausted, says she's not sure. She runs down everyone's responsibilities: Jamie did the lamb and the soup, Jeff did the scallop (not Jamie?) and the snapper, and Carla did both desserts. Padma asks if Radhika planned the menu, and she says they came up with their own dishes. Radhika admits that she didn't make any food. Jeff says he's satisfied with what he made, although it wasn't his theme. Padma asks for Jamie's opinion, and Jamie says that she liked her dishes too. Stephen Starr says that he liked their restaurant better, but it came down to comment cards and the dessert failure.

Carla is asked to defend her desserts. She says she was trying to do too many things at once, and her teammates offered help, but she knew they were busy with their own dishes. She admits that her dishes were a mess, but she had fun. Toby Young asks if the diners should also have a good time and Carla screams, "I KNOW!" Whoo! Dial it down there, Sideshow Bob. Carla thinks that being in a bad mood makes her dishes worse, so she tried to "send out some love" with her food. Colicchio doesn't quite get how Carla's mood affects her food, and Carla snaps, "That is my belief, Tom." The look on Colicchio's face is AWESOME! He looks annoyed, perplexed, and a little dubious like maybe Carla is an actress playing a role or something and not a cheftestant. Padma points out that the frozen desserts weren't frozen. Jamie defends Carla, and says she was spinning yogurt as needed. Carla says she didn't know what else to do, so she just smiled. Colicchio says that Radhika should have given it a different name, like yogurt soup. Carla agrees. Colicchio asks Radhika if she should go home. Radhika says that if the problems were front-of-house, then they are her fault. Colicchio asks why Radhika didn't step in when Carla was having problems. Radhika says she offered to help but Colicchio, clearly losing patience with her, says she should have stepped in and told Carla what to do. He wonders if she thought that was someone else's job. Radhika says she wasn't being a leader at that moment. Colicchio says that Radhika wasn't on her game as front-of-house, and points out that they were missing cutlery that was never replaced, and they left without a goodbye. He adds that the other team didn't have these problems, and they had the same servers. Radhika says she might not have communicated well to the servers. Colicchio thinks there's a pattern of Radhika not following through with her tasks, and Stephen Starr says that a good owner assumes that no one will do their job properly, and follows up. Radhika looks like she's about to pass out from exhaustion. Or possibly boredom.

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