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They dismiss the cheftestants to discuss who will be eliminated. Colicchio thinks Jeff and Jamie pulled their weight and the others agree. Back in the Stew Room, Carla says it's between her and Radhika. The judges say that the comment cards were asking where the hostess was. Colicchio thinks Radhika seems beat down and over the contest, and she abdicated a lot of responsibility, which doesn't bode well for her future. Starr says that the team members were left to their own devices. Toby Young doesn't think they should get rid of Carla, because they made the team decision based on factors other than food. Colicchio can't get over that Carla couldn't even get one of her desserts right. In the Stew Room, Carla says that she didn't put out anything good, and every element of her dish was a mess. Toby Young says he always skips dessert at global/Asian restaurants, and now he knows why. That has nothing to do with anything. Shut up, Toby. Stephen Starr brings up Carla's bizarre "sending the love" rationale, and says it made him want to fire her, and also shake her really hard. He concludes, "Keep the love in the kitchen; send out good desserts." I think I like him better than Toby Young.

They call the cheftestants back out to announce who was eliminated. Colicchio says that Restaurant Wars is their most popular challenge, and he knows Jamie and Jeff must be frustrated at performing well individually and still being on a losing team. He tells Radhika that, as owner, she didn't make a personal statement or take a leadership role. He tells Carla that dessert leaves a final impression, and the final impression was failure. And yet, Padma tells Radhika to pack her knives and go. She thanks the judges for the experience.

In her exit interview, Radhika says she's disappointed to leave for a non-cooking reason, and she knows now that she should have made Jeff be out front, whether he wanted to do it or not. She was too accommodating, but now she's stronger and has learned a lesson. She thinks her family and friends will be proud of how far she made it. I'm sure they will.

The cheftestants from seasons past sure have run the gamut. Wax nostalgic with our Top Chef: Sweet and Sour Cheftestants gallery.

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