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Everyone immediately runs to the fridge to get proteins. Fabio wanders over to another bank of fridges, opens a door, closes it, wanders a few steps, and then comes back but can't open the door again. He's like a cartoon character. Hosea explains that he's hoping to do a seafood dish with either Latin or Mediterranean influence. Jeff is making a sunchoke puree with salmon. Sunchokes are so two seasons ago. He interviews that he can sell anyone anything. That explains why he's won so many challenges. Oh, wait. Leah wants to make red snapper, but the fish they have in the kitchen smells bad (won't make a snapper difficult), so she's forced to ditch it and scramble for something else to make in the short time she has left.

Fabio interviews that no one takes the lunch business seriously, and they should, so he's making up a dish consisting of an appetizer, a salad, and a sandwich for lunch. Radhika doesn't like Quickfires, probably because she's been shown to be kind of slow and methodical in her cooking, and those qualities don't work with Quickfires. Jamie interviews that her restaurant concept involves local and sustainable food, but she doesn't even think she wants to win because the leader in Restaurant Wars usually goes home. Plating, running, plating, garnishing, and time's up!

Carla is up first. Her restaurant concept is homey, rustic, and seasonal food. She made cod seared in tomato oil with Italian salsa and a mache green salad. Starr's only comment is that it lacks salt. That seems to be a theme this season. Hosea explains his concept of Mediterranean seafood, and presents his dish of shrimp with morel mushroom cream sauce, garlic potato puree, and poached asparagus. I don't really get how garlic potatoes are Mediterranean. I guess the garlic makes it so? Starr says it's good, but Hosea doesn't think he sold the restaurant concept well enough.

Leah (who is really starting to bug me with her blithering) made a tempura poussin with rice wine vinegar, dashi, and soy sauce. She explains that it's Asian-inspired because her mother is Filipino and she's spent time in Asia. Asian-inspired seems like a pretty lame restaurant concept. Leah seeks reassurance from Hosea, because she thinks Starr's response was awful. Hosea tells her that it's fine and she gives him a big hug. Oh, I just remembered why I don't like Leah. She's the one that said she needs to have a man to flirt with or she gets restless. Apparently, she also needs a man to build up her self-esteem. That's just sad.

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