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Elimination Challenge. As the winners of the Quickfire, Radhika and Leah get to do a schoolyard pick. Radhika chooses Jamie and, of course, Leah chooses Hosea. And then she's all grinning. Just do it already! Hosea interviews that he and Leah like each other but he doesn't want to and can't let it go any further, since he has a girlfriend and she has a boyfriend. Stefan interviews that Leah is picking friends instead of the best cooks, but maybe she's also considering who would be easiest to work with, STEFAN! Radhika picks Carla and Leah picks Fabio. Interesting that neither chose Jeff. I think Jeff's done all right, even if his dishes are a bit complicated. But he certainly can get food cooked on time, right? Radhika chooses Jeff last, so Leah gets stuck with Stefan. Radhika interviews that Stefan drives her nuts, so she didn't pick him. Stefan interviews that he really could give a shit about being chosen last. Hosea interviews that if your restaurant fails, the leader usually goes home. Padma explains that today they will plan their menu and buy decorations. Tomorrow, they'll shop for food, and then cook and serve. Stefan interviews that six hours to prep is not nearly enough time, and it will be crazy.

Radhika's team starts planning. Jamie interviews that she tried to open a restaurant, and it never even opened due to permit, but that took nine months. They quickly decide to keep the global concept, and Jeff suggests focusing on "Old Spice Trade." I'm not sure what that means, but it sounds good. Radhika has the name: Sahana, which is Sanskrit for strong and powerful. Radhika asks Jeff to do front of house, but he's reluctant. Carla says she has no experience with the front of house. Plus, she's nuts. Jeff interviews that he came to cook and that's what he plans to do. Jamie asks Radhika what she wants, and Radhika says that it's her restaurant so she'll do front of house. Carla interviews that Radhika has a huge job ahead of her, and needs to man up. Radhika does seem hesitant and doubtful. I would have liked to see Jamie as the leader. I think she would either be really awesome or a total disaster, but it would have been interesting either way, instead of wishy-washy Radhika.

Over on Leah's team, Fabio says that if they're doing an Asian concept, he probably won't be that helpful in the kitchen since that's not his bag, but he could do front of house. Hosea interviews that he doesn't want Leah to get run over by Fabio and Stefan. Maybe that's Leah's problem, dude? Stefan tries to bully her into a dish choice and Leah overrules him quickly, so maybe she'll be okay. The cheftestants gather their things and head to Pier One for shopping.

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