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Sunset Lounge? Isn't That a Don Henley Song?

At Pier One, Radhika's team grabs all sorts of Middle Eastern and Indian-themed d├ęcor. Stefan goes on a quest for unscented candles. Both groups manage to spend their allotted $5,000 in one hour. Radhika's group seems to have a lot of giant wooden animals, like giraffes. I don't know how many giraffes live in the Middle East, but what do I know?

Back at the apartment, the teams start planning their menus. Stefan reminds his team that their food needs to be "pretty, small, tight, and sexy." There are so many jokes that could be made there, but I'm pretty sure they're all quite sexist, so I'll refrain. Stefan starts an interview and actually sounds reasonable for a minute because he says it's not his restaurant, and they need to use democratic means to decide the menu. Then he ruins it when he says, "Everyone needs to have some bullshit input." Oh, Stefan. So close to being an actual team player. Stefan says that he'll do both desserts, and Leah gets frustrated with him and stomps out all passive-aggressive. Just tell him what he's doing and that's the end. Stop being such a (pardon the expression) girl about it. Would Stefan try to pull this shit if Hosea were the team leader? Maybe, but Hosea would tell him to stuff it.

Over at Radhika's team, Carla is worried since she doesn't really cook their style of food normally. Jamie asks for a couple of appetizer ideas, and says they can take any type of food but add Middle Eastern spices to it and make it fit the concept. She wants to talk it out, but Carla is silent and Radhika is busy writing God knows what. Radhika admits in an interview that she's not a natural leader, so she's abdicating a lot of leadership to Jamie, who seems to have no problem with that. Carla has an idea to make sorbets, which don't seem to fit the concept. She agrees to make them, and Jamie interviews that Carla is great with pastries. Which she's not making. I feel like this team is headed for failure. Jamie continues in her interview that she's the most nervous about working with Jeff because he has a lot of ideas but has a hard time focusing them.

Leah and Hosea sit inside and discuss how annoyed they are that Stefan won't tell them what his dessert is. Can't Leah demand that he tell her? It is her team. Hosea interviews that he's happy Stefan will be off in his own world doing desserts. And then Hosea tells Leah that he thinks Stefan will actively try to sabotage people, and that's why he was last picked. No, I think he was last picked because he never shuts up and he's a bully. Hosea might be reading into that a little too much. Where's his tinfoil hat? Or, excuse me, his Gladware hat? And you know how we know Stefan is evil? Because he's SMOKING! Never mind that a minute ago, Leah said she wanted a cigarette.

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