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Sunset Lounge? Isn't That a Don Henley Song?

Late that night, porn music plays and the camera zooms in from a distance and finds Leah and Hosea lying on top of each other on the couch, fully clothed. It's a pretty intimate moment though. They whisper and kiss (apparently - you can't really see anything but the microphones are turned up to Jesus and you can hear smooching noises). Leah girly-voices that she wants to sleep right there on the couch because it's comfy, and then we fade out. So that was it! I mean, yes, if I were Leah or Hosea's partner at home, and I saw that, I'd be pissed. But the previews made it out like they were going to totally do it, and that was mild at best. Unless more happened off-camera.

The next morning, people are getting ready for the day. Hosea interviews that he and Leah kissed somehow, but he never actually says that he made a mistake or takes ownership of it. He does say that he regrets it and he loves his girlfriend. I wonder if that worked. Hosea tries to ask Leah if she's okay but she clearly doesn't want to talk about it (at least on camera) and blows him off. Leah interviews that she's not involved with Hosea, and she really wants to be with her boyfriend after the show, but she knows that probably won't happen now. She's pretty emotional while talking about it, and I have to imagine they did these interviews on the day of the competition, so she's clearly not in the right headspace to compete. Stefan interviews that there's tension between Leah and Hosea, and it's distracting. Fabio interviews that they were both in shitty moods, and he worries that it will take down their team. Hosea admits in an interview that it's going to affect their work. The cheftestants pack up and leave.

Carla explains that she and Radhika are going to Whole Foods and Jamie and Jeff are going to Restaurant Depot. On the other team, Leah and Fabio are going to Whole Foods and Stefan and Hosea are going to Restaurant Depot. Stefan and Hosea settle on the name Sunset Lounge for their concept. Let us count the ways in which that is a terrible name. First of all, what does it have to do with Asia? Unless it was maybe a bar for soldiers during the Vietnam Conflict. Second of all, it sounds like a restaurant that would be attached to an all-night truck stop, where you could buy speed and wet wipes when you paid your bill at the counter. And third of all, it also brings to mind Don Henley's song "Sunset Grill," which is just bad times all around. I don't know if Leah had any say in this decision; it's not shown but presumably she was okay with it. Ugh. It's horrible. Hosea interviews that he thinks their concept is really solid. Asian-inspired? That's a solid concept? Is he slow or just deluded?

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