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Sunset Lounge? Isn't That a Don Henley Song?

At Restaurant Depot, Hosea picks up some tuna while Jeff assures us that he knows Middle Eastern flavors, since that's what they do at the Dildo Beach Club. I'm sorry. I have to call it that. It's like when you have a song stuck in your head and if you just sing it all the way through once, it goes away. I hope that will get Dildo Beach Club out of my head. Jamie goes looking for lamb shanks, but they don't have any. She calls Radhika to see if they can get lamb shanks at Whole Foods, but no luck. Jeff manages to find a box of them in the freezer. Jamie's concerned that they "won't get unfrozen (thawed?) in time" but they don't have any options at this point.

Fabio and Leah are looking for red snapper (refraining from snapper and are forced to substitute black cod, because it's the freshest they have. Both teams finish shopping, check out, and head to their restaurant to start prepping.

The decorations and plates and everything are delivered, so both teams get to setting them up. And it's time to reveal the menus! For the Sunset Lounge, Fabio will be making an egg roll amuse bouche in addition to his front-of-house duties. Hosea is making sashimi two ways and short ribs. Leah is making coconut curry bisque and seared cod with spicy lime-chili sauce. Stefan's two desserts are revealed to be a chocolate parfait and a panna cotta. Stefan will also be expediting, since he doesn't need to cook anything until the end.

Over at Sahana, Radhika explains that they're making curried carrot soup, grilled scallop with chickpea cake, braised lamb shank, seared snapper, baklava, chocolate cake, and frozen yogurt. Radhika plans to let Jamie handle the kitchen while she's out front. Interesting that Radhika doesn't really go into who's making what (other than Carla for desserts). I didn't realize until the end of the episode that Radhika didn't actually make any food. For her own restaurant.

Hosea asks Leah an innocuous question about his dish and she gets all stand-offish and bitchy. In an interview, she explains that she's never cheated on a boyfriend before, and she feels terrible, so her head isn't in the game. She tastes Hosea's sauce (ew, not like that, perv) and kind of throws a fit about it, so he says he'll make it over from scratch. Hosea interviews that he and Leah flirted too much (at that point in the interview, he clearly didn't know what they had caught on camera, because that's a really weird way of putting it) and he feels guilty.

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