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Sunset Lounge? Isn't That a Don Henley Song?

Radhika and Fabio start setting up their restaurant. Back in the kitchen, Jamie starts cooking the lamb, which needs to cook for four hours, so she's a bit nervous. Over on the other team, Leah is having trouble boning her fish. Why does everything I say about Leah sound like a double entendre? I don't mean it. Anyway, Hosea tries to help her and advises her to just cut out the bony parts, or she'll shred the fish. The problem is that if she cuts out the bony parts, the fish may not cook evenly. Hosea interviews that Leah did a bad job filleting the fish, and that's part of the problem here, so she's clearly off her game and stressed out.

Over at Sahana, Carla is having trouble with the desserts. In particular, the freezers aren't cold enough so her yogurt isn't setting the way it should. She's worried she might get sent home over it. At Sunset Lounge, Stefan notices that his desserts aren't freezing either. Instead of just putting it back in the freezer, he realizes that he needs to fix it by any means necessary. He creates an ice bath and puts it back in the fridge, which he thinks will solve the problem. Note the different in their approaches: Carla did nothing, really, and Stefan figured out a creative solution.

The servers arrive, and Radhika says that she was training them while still trying to manage the kitchen, although we don't see her doing much of either task. She tastes Carla's cake and says she thinks it's fine. Carla emphasizes that she can still make changes now, but once the cake is baked, it's all over. Radhika just says it's good and leaves the kitchen to go taste the wine or something. The juxtaposition of those shots made it seem like Radhika's off getting wasted while her team works hard, which wasn't the case, but I get the message the editors are sending.

Sunset Lounge team is freaking out with thirty minutes left. Hosea is behind, Leah hasn't started cooking fish, and no one has checked out front of house. Everyone runs around. Fabio gives the servers some last-minute instructions and Radhika does a toast with her team. Jamie interviews that her team is looking good. Radhika wishes them luck and promises to come back. But WILL SHE?

Fabio has put on a cream-colored suit and somehow doesn't look like the ice cream man. It's cute! I didn't realize how tiny Fabio is before. He's like a miniature chef. In an interview, Fabio says he's running the front, and they could "serve monkey ass in empty clam shell - we gonna win this one!" The time winds down and the diners are set to enter the restaurants!

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