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One Night in Singapore
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Kelly is the first chef that we see arrive in Singapore. She walks around and marvels at the sights, sounds, and smells, and claims that she's lucky to get to experience the culture. Next we see Ed, and I haven't mentioned this yet but it's bugged me every week -- Ed needs to stop shaving between his eyebrows. He clearly shaves and doesn't pluck because it's a totally straight line. I have a guy friend who used to do this, and I get that it's easier, but it looks really weird. I pointed it out to my husband and he thinks Ed should do more sculpting to avoid the straight line, but I think he should just suck it up and go to a waxer. Anyway, it looks weird. And now that you've seen it, you will never be able to unsee it. You're welcome!

Ed greets Kelly in some sort of food court area, and then Kevin shows up wearing a really dumb safari hat. It's nighttime. There is no need for that hat. Also, it looks like sit's about a billion degrees and crazy humid. My least favorite type of weather. I'll take a blizzard before that. Then Angelo shows up and hugs are exchanged all around. I wonder how long they had between the last challenge and this one? Kevin says that his wife is about to give birth, but I don't remember him saying how far along she was in any earlier challenges, so that doesn't help.

Colicchio shows up and welcomes them to Singapore. He introduces a dude named Seetoh, who is an expert in Singapore street food. Kelly knows who he is; she read his book. See? She prepared. Just keep that in mind later. Anyway, Seetoh explains that they're in an open air food market with tons of tiny stalls. We see some of the vendors, and the stalls are basically just big enough for the vendor to stand at a burner and cook, and that's it. Probably pretty efficient, but also really claustrophobic. Tom leaves the cheftestants with Seetoh to explore the market.

First, they go to an older gentleman who is frying noodles, and has been doing so for a long time. Angelo asks about the fish sauce, while Ed cracks jokes. They share a plate of noodles while standing up, which Seetoh explains is how to eat street food properly. Kelly interviews that there are a lot of different influences in every dish they try: Malaysian, Chinese, Indian, etc. Angelo interviews that, since the finals are in Singapore, he feels that it's his to lose, because Asian food and culture are his passion. I am shocked that he doesn't have an Asian wife. Doesn't he seem the type to specifically seek out an Asian woman?

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