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This episode picks up right where the last one ended, for extra drama! So we get to see Kelly walk out of Judges' Table again and announce that she's the one going home. Ed hugs her and then interviews that he's happy to have two wins under his belt in Singapore and he's feeling confident going into the final challenge. Kevin interviews that he's really happy that he's still in it, but he's tired and ready for bed after that exhausting day. I'm sure that the next scene will be Kevin tucking into bed, head on pillow, ready to snooze. Right? Because I've never watched television before, so you guys tell me if I'm close with that prediction.

Wait, what? Kevin's not going straight to bed. Instead, Padma shows up and tells the final three that they are needed back at Judges' Table. More judging? Haven't they been judged enough for one night? Once they stand in the traditional row in front of the judges, Padma congratulates them for making the finale. Oh, whew! That's all. Padma just wanted to congratulate them. But I'm sure that they won't just start the next challenge straight off, right? That would be CRAZY!

And then Padma says that the judges want them to have as much time as possible to plan their food, so they're starting the challenge... NOW! I've never heard of such a thing! Anyway, the final challenge is nebulous as always: create a four-course meal of the most amazing food of your life. It gets a little more specific, as their first course has to be vegetables, their second has to be fish, and their third has to be meat. Colicchio and Ripert are going to choose the proteins for them. Not sure why that's the case, because what if their most amazing food involves a protein that isn't in the offerings? Maybe Tom and Eric just wanted to go shopping. And then in a twist that no one saw coming except for anyone who has watched this show, or television, or lived in the world - the final course is going to be dessert. Just like the new series Top Chef: Just Desserts which coincidentally premieres next on Bravo! It's like they planned it! I'm surprised that Gail doesn't say, "Here on Top Chef, it's not all about just desserts."

And of course, the cheftestants get some help. But instead of getting to choose from eliminated cheftestants, these finalists are going to be assisted by whatever former winners they could dredge up and fly to Singapore. So their choices are Ilan (sorry I spelled your name wrong in the recaplet, dude, but not actually that sorry, because you're kind of a dillweed), Michael Volt, and Hung. Kevin laughs because he and MVolt are bros from way back. So Kevin wants to have MVolt as his sous chef, and so does Ed. Angelo wants Hung, because they have similar cooking styles. They draw knives, and Ed gets Ilan. He interviews that he doesn't know much about Ilan other than that he won Top Chef. Yeah, and no one likes him. Kevin gets MVolt and Angelo gets Hung, so they are both thrilled.

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