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The cheftestants and former winners head back to the hotel to chit chat and strategize. Angelo reveals that he's starting to feel really crappy, so as much as he wants to impress the former winners with his inspirational sayings, he has to go to bed. He makes sure to shake hands with everyone first, to spread the germs around as much as possible.

The former winners give some advise to the cheftestants which ends up consisting of "Do you." MVolt tells them to make sure the judges know who made which food just by looking at the plate, and Ilan adds that they shouldn't try anything crazy, but just make their best food. Ed says that he's been waiting for ingredients like rabbit, frog, or foie gras. Haven't they already had the chance to use both frog and foie gras? It's the end of the season; I get confused. And then there's a segment where they all talk about how proud their families will be if they win. Except Angelo. His mail-order bride might be proud, but since he's half-dead, we don't get to hear from him.

The next morning, Ed and Kevin are eating breakfast and talking about how sick Angelo is, and how he was up all night. Cut to Angelo in bed, talking about how his body aches. You guys! I think he has the bird flu! He probably got it from eating in the Singapore market. This just morphed from Top Chef into a bad made-for-television movie about a flu pandemic. Ed delivers the news alert that Angelo really wants to compete. Kevin says that he hopes Angelo will be okay and able to compete in top form, because Kevin doesn't want to win only because Angelo was on the verge of passing out the whole time.

The doctor shows up (house call!) and even has a little bag! Like Doc Baker! Angelo says that he started vomiting out of the blue. The doctor says that there are some medications that might help but won't shorten the duration of the illness. Angelo wants to cook the next day, and the doctor gives him a twenty percent chance of doing that. DRAMATIC!

Colicchio and Ripert show up to reveal the proteins. Tom starts off with a bit of business, explaining that Angelo is really sick, so their solution is that Hung is going to work with Angelo over the phone to do the shopping and prepping, and they'll see how Angelo feels tomorrow. Ed gives an interview that's kind of like, "He should suck it up," and I get where Ed's coming from, but I also can see why Angelo is going to rest during prep day and try to cook during cooking day. That does seem like the best solution, as long as everyone feels that Hung will honestly be carrying out Angelo's wishes and not coming up with dishes on his own. And since there are cameras following their every move, I think that's a safe bet.

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