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So Tom and Eric are ready to reveal their proteins. And they millet (fish), cuttlefish, cockles, and slipper lobsters. Ed is worried because the red millet has a lot of tiny bones, which is a lot of work to prep. Tom got them pork belly and a duck. Tom explains that the second course has to be either the red millet or cuttlefish, and the third course has to be duck. But they do have to use each of the proteins in at least one dish. Kevin is happy that they are starting out on a level playing field, and each chef's technique and creativity will have a chance to shine.

To the market! Kevin and MVolt peruse the produce, and Michael seems to be offering suggestions about how best to spend his money. Meanwhile, Ilan is pestering Ed about the corn soup he's planning for his first course, because Ilan thinks it won't be rich enough. Ed pretty much ignores him, and if it were anyone but Ilan, I would laugh. Ed learned the lesson of Carla, where she listened too much to her sous chef and lost, but he might be going too far in the other direction where he isn't taking advantage of whatever expertise and experience Ilan has to offer. HA HA HA! Ilan! Expertise! That was funny. Hung is on the phone with Angelo, discussing dishes and letting Angelo know what's available. Things seem to go smoothly.

They return to the kitchen and have three hours to prep. Hung is running around like a crazy person, as usual. He takes all of the foie gras that's available in the pantry, leaving none for the other people. Ed wants to use some to stuff his duck neck, so he has to reconfigure his dish to work without it. Ed comments that even with Angelo out sick, his shenanigans are felt. Kevin explains how he's going to make noodles out of the cuttlefish by freezing it and slicing it. Where did this technique come from? I'm going to be generous and assume that Kevin spent his time off before the finale learning cool techniques, and not assume that MVolt told him what to do. Even though that technique has Voltaggio written all over it. Kevin and MVolt banter and give each other shit while prepping, and things seem loose and easy between them.

Then there's a montage of Hung working his ASS off. Just running around and chopping and butchering and cooking. Ed tries to let Ilan be his sous chef but he also knows that ultimately, it's his ass on the line. So you may not agree with Ed's general tone and the way he speaks, but I do see his point. Ed explains that he's going to let Ilan do the dessert, even though he got such high marks on his dessert in the last challenge. So Ed is kind of just giving up on a quarter of his meal, which seems really dumb. Meanwhile, the doctor is giving Angelo a shot in the butt which as a three percent chance of helping him feel better. At this point, I would tell them to do whatever it took so that I could feel marginally better for like twelve hours, and then collapse when it's all over. The doctor doesn't seem to think there's much chance that Angelo will recover in time to cook, though.

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