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It's the day of the final challenge. Ed interviews that he's anxious and stressed out. Ed and Angelo eat breakfast and still don't know what's up with Angelo. So we cut to Angelo, who is dressed and showered and looking a bit better. The doctor comes in and checks Angelo out, and finally clears him to cook. The doctor advises Angelo to take in lots of fluids, and Angelo says that he's really relieved. Ed comes by to check in and finds Angelo sitting up, planning out his meals. Angelo imagines that Ed is upset that he's better, and Ed kind of confirms that in an interview. The three finalists head out for the final day of competition.

They have three hours of prep before service. Kevin, unlike Ed, is happy that Angelo is there to compete, because as he said before, he wants to beat the best. Angelo has to take time to get caught up with Hung, and Angelo is grateful that Hung did so much, but he also knows that his dinner could be better if he hadn't missed the prep day.

Ilan is working on his dessert, and Ed is worried about how much to trust him. Kevin interviews that he's taking a risk with his food, and is making food better than anything he made before he got to Singapore. Which is kind of suspicious, I think, but anyway. Maybe he really did just get a ton better at meal planning and technique. Who am I to say? Angelo has drawn his usual plate diagrams to show Hung what he has envisioned, and Hung seems to have caught on.

Kevin and Angelo both mention that Ed's dishes tend to be overkill and have too many components. Ed, in his defense, says that his plating may not be as artistic as Angelo and Kevin's plates, but he thinks that his food tastes better. They all start plating and get ready to serve as the judges and other diners arrive. Things are tense in the kitchen as the chefs try to get everything ready and perfect, and then time is up.

The three finalists come out to the dining room. Padma welcomes them and introduces the panel, which includes the regular judges and a number of powerhouse chefs. And it's time for the first course:

Angelo made pickled royale mushrooms, char siu bao pork belly, noodles and watermelon tea, and the judges admire his flavors, calling them extreme and traditional of Singapore. But, they think that the dish needs work. Kevin made terrine of eggplant, zucchini, and peppers, pickled tomatoes, jalapenos, and black garlic puree, which is kind of boring but technically good, and one diner thinks that it takes "a lot of balls" to make that dish. Ed made chilled summer corn velouté with fried black cockles, which pretty much everyone agrees is the best of the vegetable courses. After all three dishes are consumed, Tom says that all three dishes had some restraint, and it's a good start.

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