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Singapore Sling

The chefs prep and serve their second course. Angelo says that he's worried about dehydration, but he's not too sick that he can't poke back, when Ed teases him. Angelo made sautéed rouget and poached cuttlefish with Asian style bouillabaisse, which the judges think is a dish to remember. Kevin made pan-seared rouget with cuttlefish "noodles," pork belly, cockles, slipper lobster, and cigala. The judges think the fish is nicely cooked, and one says that he would never pair rouget and pork belly, but it totally works. Ed made stuffed rouget, glazed slipper lobster and cuttlefish with zucchini pesto, which the judges think is complicated. So what Kevin and Angelo were saying about Ed's food is true; he does have too many components at times. The judges do respect his efforts.

After another quick round of prep, it's time for the third course. Kevin worries that he doesn't have enough time to make it perfect and Ed is concerned about cooking the duck breast perfectly, since a minute one way or the other can be disastrous. Angelo made sautéed duck breast and foie gras with marshmallow and tart cherry shooter. While the judges like his dish, they don't see the point of the shooter. Kevin made roasted duck breast with duck dumpling, caramelized bok choy and coriander sauce. The judges say that his duck was cooked the best of the three, and they liked the contrast of the dumpling, as well as how he cooked the bok choy. Ed made duck two ways: roasted breast and braised stuffed neck with baby spinach, and the judges like the layers of flavors, and the contrast. After the first three courses, Ripert says that they have made remarkable food, and it's no surprise that they made it to the finals.

It's finally time to serve the fourth and final course. Ed mentions that Ilan's cake isn't very intricate, and the whipped cream he made might be too salty, so he's worried. NOW, he's worried? It's a lame dessert, and it shows no real connection with the other food he cooked. Obviously, I don't know how it tastes, but it just doesn't make any sense to me. I don't know if he just ran out of steam or what. Angelo made a "Thai jewel" which is coconut-vanilla cream and crushed ice with exotic fruits, which the judges find comforting and tasty. The judges are a little confused because his dish is almost savory. Kevin made a frozen "Singapore Sling" with tropical fruits, which the judges call the new national Singapore dessert, because he reinvented a drink as a dessert. Ed (or Ilan) made a sticky toffee date pudding with fleur de sel crème Chantilly. One diner wishes he had put a twist on what is a fairly straightforward dish. Gail and another diner call it a "fuck you," which I don't get. Because he didn't want to make dessert so he just made a really basic one? I'm obviously missing something. Tom and another diner differ on whether the salty whipped cream is any good, also. It's a controversial dessert. Gail thinks that overall, all three of the finalists broke the Top Chef dessert curse.

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