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It's the morning after Stephen's elimination. Amanda is sad that Stephen is gone but she believes "the best of the best" are still in it, and she's starting to believe she belongs in that category. I still don't believe it. I think once she and Alex are gone, I might buy it. It's hard to separate my personal feelings about her, and her cooking. She might be a great cook (although the editing has led me to believe otherwise), but she's so annoying that I can't get past it. Kenny can't understand why he's always in the middle, since he's older and has more experience. I have an idea; maybe it's because the food he has served hasn't been as good as the food other people have served. Just a thought.

Quickfire Challenge. The cheftestants enter the kitchen to find red and blue aprons and blindfolds. Padma appears to tell them that it's time for the tag team cookoff, where four people team up to create a dish and the people not cooking are blindfolded so that they have to guess what they should do next. Each team has forty minutes, so each chef has ten minutes to cook. Padma tells them that there is no more immunity, but the winning team will split $10,000.

They draw knives, and most of them are blank. Kevin gets first choice and Ed gets second choice, so Kevin chooses Kenny as his first pick. They're friends, and Kenny is a good chef, so that seems logical. And here's a shocker: Ed chooses Tiffany first. Kevin takes Kelly next, because you probably don't want Kenny and Angelo on the same team, I'm guessing. So Ed takes Angelo with his next pick, leaving Amanda and Alex as the bottom two. Kevin goes with Amanda, so Ed has to pick Alex, who apparently did not steal the pea puree, according to Colicchio's latest blog on the official site. And Tom claims that other cheftestants told him that. So why didn't those cheftestants get interview segments in that episode, to at least provide some balance between all of the people who claimed that Alex DID steal it? That's pretty shady, producers. I'm no Alex fan, but you could have at least put in ONE person saying, "I'm pretty sure I saw Alex making the puree." I mean, I get that you want it to be ambiguous so that people will talk about it and stir up some buzz, but the way it was presented wasn't even ambiguous and made Alex out to be a jerk. And he may be a jerk, but he's apparently not a thief.

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