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Immediately after Lindsay walks out of Judges' Table, Padma congratulates Sarah and Paul on their performance and Tom tells them about their final challenge. They are going to create a four-course tasting menu in the restaurant of their dreams. They'll each get to cook at a fine Vancouver restaurant and Padma promises them "the finest sous-chefs" so you know that means former challengers are returning. Sarah interviews that she's wanted this forever and even postponed her wedding. Someone is marrying Sarah? Awful Sarah? If I were single, here's where I would sink into a deep depression. Maybe her fiancé is awful too.

Back in their suite, Paul and Sarah muse on who the sous-chefs will be. Sarah wants Heather and Grayson, while Paul would like to see Nyesha and Keith. Sarah brings up Chris Hollywood, mostly because she thinks he's cute. He's not THAT good-looking. Maybe he's one of those people who sparkles in person.

Anyway, as Paul and Sarah muse over who will return, we see the returning chefs walking into a kitchen. I spy Heather, Ty-Lor, Nyesha, Grayson, Chris Hollywood, someone from the bubble group that I think was named Ashley, and the two dudes who got cut without even serving any food (Tyler the Bad Butcher and Colin Who Didn't Plate His Food). Padma explains that the two unfamiliar faces are two actual chefs, Barbara Lynch and Marco Canora, and that they will all be competing to become one of the sous-chefs for the final two. What's in it for these guys, though? Redemption, in some cases, but I kind of understand why some of the eliminated cheftestants probably turned this down. Anyway, they have to cook a dish. Any dish.

They all start cooking. Tyler doesn't think that everyone got to see what he can do, since he wasn't allowed to even cook last time. There's chopping and cooking and burning and whatnot. Meanwhile, Sarah and Paul are discussing their nerves. Paul interviews that he's had a fear all along that he would choke, but he hopes to just stay steady. The potential sous-chefs are plating and time runs out. So Paul and Sarah enter the kitchen; they'll be tasting the dishes and basing their decisions on that without being told who made which dish. Yikes. This could get ugly, but it is pretty fair for the people who are there to try to get redemption.

Padma tells Paul and Sarah that there are eleven dishes to taste. They will pick their favorite four and those chefs will be their sous-chefs. Chris Hollywood interviews that he made an Asian dish to try to lure Paul into choosing him. Paul's first choice nets him Barbara Lynch, and he interviews that it's great to have that talent behind him, but it could get awkward since she's not used to being a sous-chef. Sarah chooses Nyesha's dish, and she's really happy. Paul gets Ty-Lor and they're both smiley and happy. Sarah interviews that she really wants Heather and she knows that her dish has biscuits. But then Sarah second-guesses herself because there is a scallop with raisins and curry and she knows Heather has that on her menu in her restaurant. So Sarah picks the scallop dish and it's... dun dun dun, Tyler. Sarah jokes that she's not letting him butcher and everyone cracks up.

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