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night special." Heh. Do you think Padma hangs out in a lot of vegan bars? Wolfgang says he'd have to be pretty hungry to eat it, and Tom cracks up. Backstage, Jen V. still doesn't get it. She still thinks she did a good job standing out, and doesn't get that the first rule is that your food needs to taste good. It doesn't matter if you used complicated or simple techniques, exotic or common ingredients, your food has to taste good. Gail doesn't think Eve thought the dish through, and Wolfgang thinks it wasn't seasoned appropriately, which is the cornerstone of good cooking. Padma announces that they've made a decision and she and Tom agree that it was the right one.

The judges call the bottom four back out to hear the results. Tom tells Hector that his vice was smoking, but his dish wasn't smoky. Eve's vice was overcomplicating things, but her dish was just confusing. Jen's vice was being hot tempered, but her dish just sucked. Jesse's vice was excess, but her chicken was excessively dry. So the big loser this week is...Jen V! I couldn't be more glad that I don't have to see her stupid attention-getting earlobe every week. Jen V. thinks that her dish was bold and different, because she still doesn't get that had nothing to do with why she was eliminated. Let us not devote any more attention to her, shall we? Good riddance. I only wish Mike I. was a bad cook, so he could go home soon as well. A girl can dream!

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