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Chopping Broccolini
Padma asks if the cheftestants enjoyed the challenge. They all did. "Except for when Hung broke the oil," CJ says. Okay, so that might have been a bit of a tattle, but come on -- Hung was clearly not admitting it. Not after he did it, and not in the interviews. He deserved to get called on that shit, considering his other bouts of breakage and attempt at a Casey fillet. Padma gives them all props and slowly muses over her favorites, Hung and Sara. However, her winner is the one who "really used the blender to make something, uh, hit all parts of my palate." (I was so scared she was going to say something other than "palate.") Hung the Break-Away Boy is the winner. Hung bows and applauds himself. That's the first QF Hung has ever won. Dale tells us, "You know, I would probably pick the winner if they put booze in a smoothie, but I think it was less about the smoothie and more about Padma liking steak and eggs for the first time." Hee -- I don't know if Hung's so happy with his win when he learns that he won "one of the first copies" of Padma's new cookbook, Tangy, Tart, Hot, and Sweet. Padma's VO takes over: "I tasted and tested hundreds of recipes in order to put it together." The Real Padma says, "Hopefully, you'll like the recipes and maybe even collaborate with me on some of the new ones." Hung's brain screams, "OH GOD NO!" but his mouth says, "Yeah, that would be awesome." Padma says they'll have to wait a little longer for the Elimination Challenge, but she can tell them that it's time to bid Miami goodbye, because they are flying the hell outta there that afternoon. And this is where Padma really shows her toked colors. She calls Hung to come up and get his book (he had been reluctant to claim it until now) and when Hung steps away, Padma belatedly says (as he tries to scamper away), "And also, Hung! I'm going to give you these tickets…I want you to pass them out to all your colleagues…and I'll see you all later…" Padma stomps away -- she really does stomp! It's all wide-legged and drug-weird -- and as the cheftestants applaud, she turns back and gives them a delighted smile. (She doesn't know that they're not clapping for her Stonedhenge performance, but more for the stack of plane tickets.) Hung passes out tickets, which seem to have only their names immediately viewable under the flap, and when all the cheftestants have their tickets, they count down, open the flaps, rustle through the tickets, pull out a sheet of folded paper, unfold the folded paper, read, and scream. Seriously? How drawn-out can you get? …Oh, even more so, because there's a commercial break.

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