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Chopping Broccolini
Hung grabs Chilean sea bass and announces that he's also using shrimp for sauces. Does that mean no one else can use shrimp? Hung explains to us that sea bass is "a really oily fish -- it's thick, it's moist, it's really hard to dry it out." Dale thinks peppercorn-encrusted beef filet is the way to go, CJ chooses halibut for its "buttery" quality, and the Brians choose New York strip steak and want to make a spiny lobster (OF COURSE!) and purple potato hash. As the cooking gets underway, the Brians look for a ricer, CJ looks for a can opener, and the cheftestants tell us that no one knew where anything was in this strange kitchen. Colicchio shows up for his Sniff 'n' Sneer and listens to the Brians babble about burner-hogging, and then tells Hung he has never ordered fish on a plane. Yeah, as much as I love fish, I have seen Airplane! way too many times to order it in-flight. Hung fast-talks about how the sea bass won't dry out and whines that people keep moving his pans. Stepping over to CJ, Colicchio learns that CJ's very excited about the airplane food. Why? "Well, first of all, I get to wear this hat," CJ explains. Hee. Moving around to the other cheftestants, Colicchio learns that they all know that having to heat everything at the same time is the big hurdle to deal with in this challenge. Casey's making veal medallions and cauliflower gratin. Ooh, I mean, I love me some cauliflower (ROASTED!) but on a plane? Better give everyone a shot of Beano as a digestif. Another friend of fish, Sara is doing salmon with a leek and tomato fondue. (Note: "Fondue" in this case is a French term that has to do with vegetables being chopped and turned all melty-saucey by a long, slow cooking process.) Colicchio brags to Dale, "I've had some excellent meals in first class." Dale agrees that good food can be done on a plane. Yeah, when you're in FIRST CLASS!

Colicchio steps to the end of the kitchen and notes, "They're having a tough time in the kitchen. There seems to be a limited amount of space, everybody seems to be trying to get on the stove at the same time. Behind that cool exterior, some of them are really starting to crack right now." Colicchio thinks the cheftestants who chose meat will be better off, since fish can dry out in an instant. "But really," Colicchio concludes, "if good food goes into that box, good food should come out of that box." Right. It's just that easy.

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