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It's morning in the casa, and Bryan is calling home to talk to his wife and young son. Oh no! Whenever someone calls home, it's such a bad sign. Now I'm all worried about Bryan. Anyway, he misses his family, although I'm sure that's not shocking to anyone.

Jennifer is on refrain number four hundred and seven about how she needs to stop worrying about everyone else and start cooking the kind of food that she knows that she can cook. This is getting a little old. She's been coasting for a few weeks now, and it's getting past the time when coasting is going to work out. What is her deal? And will she snap out of it before the finals?

Quickfire Challenge. The cheftestants head to the Venetian (another hotel on the strip) instead of their normal HQ and are directed to the kitchen. The phone rings, and it's Padma. They put her on speaker and she tells them that they're going to be making room service for her and her friend Nigella Lawson. Eli has to explain to us who Nigella Lawson is. Doesn't everyone know (or at least everyone that watched this show)? He compares her to Julia Child, which I don't think is quite right. For one thing, she's about a million times sexier (sorry, Julia). Anyway, Padma and Nigella are having breakfast in bed together, and thank God Mike I. is gone because you know he would have some sort of gross comment. Although obviously, that's what the producers want, or they wouldn't have the ladies in matching bathrobes, lying in two queen beds under the covers.

Anyway, the cheftestants have thirty minutes to prepare meals, and they're going to be staggered so that they cook and serve in pairs. Eli and Robin are going first. Eli is super focused, and seems to know exactly what he wants to make. Robin is, shocker, scattered and behind, and barely gets her dishes done in time. As she wheels her cart out, Mike takes over Robin's station and he's totally disgusted by how gross and messy that she left it, and he spends five of his precious thirty minutes cleaning. I'm not sure why he couldn't just knock all the food scraps on the floor and start cooking, and make Robin clean it up later, but then he wouldn't have anything to bitch about later, and you know how Michael loves to bitch about things.

Robin explains how far she had to push her cart, so on top of being frazzled by the cooking time, she's also sweaty and tired from pushing the cart. I know I love a sweaty, frazzled room server coming into my hotel room. Robin serves her dish to both ladies, and admits in an interview that she got stage fright in front of Nigella and Padma. Anyway, Robin made a blintz with goat cheese, caramelized pineapple, and blueberries. There's bacon in there also. The plate is kind of a mess with the food just heaped on top.

Eli pops in to serve his dish, and he explains that he's not a breakfast guy, so he made a fried egg Reuben Benedict with Thousand Island Hollandaise sauce. And while I am not a fan of some of those ingredients, it is a pretty brilliant idea, and it looks good. But man, do I hate Thousand Island dressing. It's Nigella comments that it would be a great "hangover breakfast" and Eli agrees.

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