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It's early morning and the cheftestants are rising in various forms. I don't see anyone doing morning yoga this year. At first I thought Sandee was doing something yoga-ish, but then I realized she was just sculpting her morning mohawk. Micah is a late riser and, while flipping off the cheftestant-stocked kitchen, proclaims herself "not a morning person." Sandee concerns me when she says that she is on the show to learn. While I don't have any problem with that goal, because I think even if you're top of your craft, you can still learn from others, it's not really why people come on Top Chef. They come here to win, not learn.

Padma and Norman Van Aken are waiting for the bleary-eyed cheftestants in the GE kitchens. Hey, GE owns NBC and NBC owns Bravo! I just picked up on that! And now, a few seconds later, I had a dastardly thought. What if GE, seeing Kenmore as their competitor, allowed them to sponsor the last two seasons just to perpetrate a public smear, counting on them to shoot themselves in the foot with their reportedly karmicly kraptastic kitchens?! I know it's not like the show itself ever featured the appliances on the blink, and we did only find out about it from ousted blabbermouths like Emily and other cheftestants, but maybe they KNEW the cheftestants would blabber. They could TRUST them to do exactly that. That would be very dastardly. A bit far-fetched, even for a big conglomerate, but still. It's something to ponder. Okay, so Norm Van Aken -- "Hey, isn't he the same guy who played the dad on Eight is Enough? I didn't know he was a restaurateur now. Of course, there are lots of actors who become restaurateurs, right? Britney Spears, Becks and Posh, Lisa Loeb…" The Evil Dr. Mathra babbles excitedly. After I carefully explained that Norm Van Aken and Dick Van Patten are two different people, that Britney, Becks, and Posh are not actors and that Lisa Loeb, also not an actor, never had a restaurant, just a dumb food show and then an even dumber dating show, I settled him down with looking up Morgan Freeman's restaurant and mixed a drink to collect myself.

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