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Judges' Table. "Why does the person who shows the most chest have to be Colicchio? Whhhhyyyyy?!" the Evil Dr. Mathra laments. "Seriously, dude, we're seeing more of your skin than we are of Padma's and that's just not right. And it's icky -- stop trying to Miamify yourself." Colicchio thinks their Judges' Table is going to be hard because across the board, the food was all very good. While they all agreed that Hung had a really good time out there, Gail suggests that he made the simplest dish. Yeah, it really wasn't up to his usual complexity, was it? They didn't really like Tre's dish -- it was too salty for some and too bland for others. Padma suggests he needed acidity and NORM! agrees -- the fat of the salmon, mayonnaise, and avocado needed something to cut through it. Ew -- I find the idea of avocado and mayonnaise so repulsive and redundant, actually. Avocado is perfectly, deliciously fatty all on its own -- it so doesn't need sun-baked mayonnaise. Shudder. Plus, it reminds me of a particularly nasty Semi-Homemade, and if Tre is channeling Sandra Lee, I'm going to need indigestion insurance. Gail doesn't think Sandee's dish was barbecue. Dishes they liked: Brian (MALARKEY!)'s sausage, because it was high-end, Sara N.'s Vietnamese barbecue, and Micah's lamb.

In the back, Micah is convinced she had a really bad day. Padma appears to drag out Sara N., Micah, and Brian (MALARKEY!). After staring them down and drawing out her words, Padma informs them they were the top three dishes of the day. Sara N. is so relieved she confesses to feeling lightheaded, "I forgot to breathe." Aw. She admits to being "very honored" and "very surprised" that she is one of the top. The judges give her props for clean flavors and an easy-to-eat presentation. Moving to Brian (MALARKEY!)'s Asian-inspired chimichurri, Brian (MALARKEY!) admits, "This is the same brain that tackled the snake and the eel last time, so I don't know, there's a lot of strange ideas floating around up there." Yep, floating in a sea of insanity. Well, wherever he got it, NORM! thinks it works. Gail loved Micah's combination of flavors and NORM! loves that Sara N. and Micah came back from their poor Quickfire performance. Brian (MALARKEY!) is the final winner with his upscale barbecue and Chino-Latino ideas.

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