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Bye, Bye Birdsong

Moving on, we have Sandee's trio featuring a Key lime mojito, grapefruit brûlée with shrimp, and sea bass encrusted with orange marmalade and Scotch bonnet peppers. Okay, that all sounds pretty tasty and is an excellent showcase of the citrus. NORM! makes a big show of pulling the flower sprig (looks like a lime blossom) out of the mojito shot and commenting negatively that the mint is really strong, almost licorice-y. Micah made a spicy avocado-citrus soup with caramelized red grapefruit. The soup looks more like guacamole, an image that isn't helped by the big crouton stuck in it. In fact, the "soup" is so dense, the crouton has no problem standing up entirely on its own. NORM! questions whether or not this is soup, and Micah admits to us that it turned out more like a pudding but, "avocado pudding doesn't go down very well." Lia made a stacked crab salad, dressed with a grapefruit vinaigrette and accented by sourdough croutons. Wanting to one-up NORM! finding citrus seeds, Padma comments, "I don't think what I have is a crouton." Lia apologizes to Padma for finding a shell in her dish. Dale explains his citrus salad with watercress, endive, shaved pastis-soaked fennel, lemon poppyseed, and goat cheese. Okay, now is there really such a thing as "lemon poppyseed"? Because I think it's just poppyseeds that get added to lemon preparations, like muffins and cakes and stuff, for prettification and a bit of musty nuttiness. So, that begs the question: "Lemon poppyseed what?" Here, it looks like there's a lemon poppyseed dressing on Dale's plate, maybe even two, because one is opaque and white, which looks like the stuff my mother pours over her mandarin orange and lime Jell-O thing, and one is clear and slightly golden in color. If it is a lemon poppyseed dressing, I hope he made it himself because the bottled stuff is nastified. NORM! says, "I would have liked a little bit of olive oil or something to go with that sunshine." We now get to Sara N. who is completely brain-dead about her dish. She doesn't know how to describe it and is really nervous. She attempts to explain her blood orange and tangelo salad with shrimp and a honey-tangerine vinaigrette, garnished with snipped chives, which sounds lovely, but she can't really get it out. Use your words, Sara N. NORM! advises, "No matter what, you should be clearer as far as telling us what you're doing."

Oh, Hung, you've brought your ego today, haven't you? Hung tells us, grinning, "I looked around and I saw some slummy dishes. This time, I'm definitely going to win this, no matter what!" Hung presents his slow-roasted sea bass -- how slow can it be in thirty minutes? -- with a citrus "crumble" and a watercress and radish salad. Okay, I take that back, thirty minutes for cooking delicate fish flesh (low heat, I assume) is slow cooking. I'm not clear if the sauce, which Hung explains is blood orange, tangerine, and oranges, is the same as the crumble, which looks like it might have chopped hazelnuts or peanuts in it. NORM! says Hung's thinking is very good. Tre did a hot and cold salmon duo. What do you think is worse, duos or trios? I think trios, because they take longer to eat and by the time you get to the third one, it's cold and sometimes congealed. I mean, the typical trio ritual would have you starting with the cold prep and finishing with the hot, but I'm beginning to think that's not the best idea. Tre's cold part of the duo is raw King salmon has a macadamia nut pesto (YUM!) and his hot is coriander-seared salmon with Fuji apple salad. Okay, but…where's the citrus? No, seriously, where is the citrus? Neither Bravo's Graphics nor what we get of Tre's explanation tells us anything about citrus. Biz-freaking-zarre. Howie did a vanilla butter poached lobster tail and citrus salad. NORM! likes the texture of the lobster. Brian (MALARKEY!) -- to showcase his Northwesterness -- prepared Alaskan halibut with blood orange and pomegranate molasses. Again, NORM! likee. And Joey From New York, what did you do for us? He made a fennel salad with blood oranges, and a watermelon, Grand Marnier, and coriander oil shooter. I was about to ask whither the citrus in the shooter, which sounds really interesting, but then remembered that Grand Marnier is orange-y. Also, since I make fennel and grapefruit salad all the time, I'm not that impressed with Joey From New York's food. NORM! is impressed by the drink and says, "Hey, maybe you should be a bartender, too." Joey From New York laughs at this, not necessarily understanding the possible subtext of, "Be a bartender, not a chef." And because it is A Thing later, the camera gives us a cutaway shot to Hung looking interestedly at the watermelon shooter. Well, we can't actually tell if he's really looking interestedly at the shooter, he just has an attentive look on his face. For all we know he was looking down Padma's belted peasant blouse. Or up, given that he's shorter than even a bare-footed Padma.

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