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Bye, Bye Birdsong

I have to say, however, that I tried the combination and did like it, but not enough to be using it over and over again in a savoury dish… so I am not fully convinced myself that this is the best thing since sliced bread.

So there's one side of it and a good explanation as to why chefs like it. However, I got this email from a reader:

Just to give you a little more possible insight into this combination, I dined at Victoria & Albert's located in the Grand Floridian resort at Disneyworld about 6 years back. I was being treated to dinner, so of course I headed to their nicest restaurant and ordered their priciest entree on the menu: the surf and turf featuring lobster tails in a vanilla sauce. I was apprehensive about the combination, but thought it had to have some merit and worth a try if it was so darned expensive! BIG mistake, at least by my palette. That gooey sweet concoction totally ruined the flavor of the lobster, and the slight seafood taste totally ruined the taste of the vanilla (probably my favorite flavoring normally). Somehow, it must have caught on since then, particularly here in the state of Florida. I'll gladly blame Emeril and his rapidly procreating line of restaurants that are spreading all over the state if he is the one who introduced this mess, but it is definitely not something to be anxious to run out and try! I haven't seen this combo since, but I've been scratching my head as well with its new popularity on this season's Top Chef!

Furthermore, I also got an email from amusingthesis, who tipped me off about lobster ice cream in Bar Harbor, Maine. She said she found it "surprisingly good" and that the flavor was "unique and interesting," but not something you'd want to eat every day.

Micah is clearly going through stuff and not enjoying herself. Hung comments, "Micah was on top a mountain when she won the first Quickfire Challenge. I mean, come on, don't use your daughter as an excuse that you're sad, that you're crying. I mean, come on." I wonder if Hung thinks a better excuse is to be honest about being sad over losing the Quickfire. Can't tell. Howie preps some Jamaican jerk sauce, and Sara N. struggles mightily with Scotch bonnets. Sadly, Sara N. didn't realize that Scotch bonnets are of the same chile species as Habaneras, which is a big ouch in the mouth. Both of those chiles get a 100,000-350,000 rating on the Scoville chart. The Evil Dr. Mathra was in love with this Scotch bonnet-based hot sauce called Inner Beauty that Chris Schlesinger created. We used to be able to buy it at East Coast Grill in Cambridge but they stopped making it a few years ago, and now Mathra is sad because nothing else makes him sweat when eating. Because of this, Sara didn't think to wear latex or rubber gloves while prepping, so the skin on her hands is burning. Just. Don't. Touch. Your. EYES! With one minute left, people rush to finish. Gladware storage containers with their blue lids are strewn over everyone's work station. I made a whole mess of food for my recently-babied friend in Minneapolis, and I used some of my mother's Gladware storage containers. They're flimsier than I would have thought. Sort of halfway between Tupperware durability and grocery store olive bar disposability. Sara N. is convinced her Scotch Bonnet pickled cucumbers will be inedible the next day.

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