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The next morning, Tre does modified push-ups, resting his feet on a low window ledge, so he's at a downward angle. Hung also does push-ups, but I think he's doing them only because Tre is and he wants to look just as tough. For one thing, while Tre is in a sleeveless tee-shirt, running shoes, and running shorts, Hung has his watch on and looks like he's wearing fairly nice pants. They're tight, black, and long with silver rivets. Not really exercise gear, Hung. Sandee and Joey From New York discuss the Elimination Challenge. Joey From New York appears to be a bit worried about serving sixty people, but Sandee shrugs it off, saying there's fourteen of them to cover it. Sandee knows her family and friends back home would love for her to win the barbecue challenge but she has to win it for herself. Okay, but while you're winning it for yourself, can your friends and family still be happy about it? Just wondering. Sandee goes into some karate moves.

Hung and Brian (MALARKEY!), who are roommates, decide to dress up for the occasion. Brian (MALARKEY!) calls it a "front of the house approach," which is admirable given the heat and the fact that they still have to wear heavy chef's jackets over their duds. They walk out into the kitchen to a teasing, impressed chorus of, "Heeeey!" Joey From New York, who is already showing signs of being threatened by Hung, tells him, rather meanly, "You look like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever." Yeah, well you sound like John Travolta in BLANK -- OPEN YOUR MOUTH! He makes a mocking high-pitched squeal that might be an attempt at a something having to do with that movie. And just because your idea of dress-up is wearing that Italia jersey, don't bag on them. Hung, however, just laughs at Joey From New York and rolls up the striped cuffs of his patterned grey-violet shirt. They head out.

At a development called Aqua Island Homes, large bags of Kingsford charcoal rest against grills. They're going to be outside and along a waterfront. Joey From New York complains about the heat and says he's ready to go. Not sure if that means "bring the guests in, I'm ready to go!" or if it's "I'm ready to go home to New York. Where I live. In New York." They have two more hours to get ready. Being close to the water is making Micah feel better about everything. It's "cathartic" for her. Oh, man, poor Sara N. She's never started a barbecue before, and it looks like she just indiscriminately piling up the coals with no move to making a cool side and a hot side. And because we get a shot of Micah just squirting lighter fluid all over her coals, I'm convinced her food is going to taste like chemicals. As CJ hunches over his prep station he comments to Lia, "The only time I wish I were 5'3" -- no offense, hon." Yeah, I was noticing how much he has to double over in the Top Chef kitchens; it's too bad they can't raise the counters for him.

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