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Heather's gone, and the remaining cheftestants have mixed emotions. Some (Ty) are sad to see her gone and some (Beverly) are glad she's hit the bricks. Edward finally finds an opening to mention that he gave Heather his cake recipe twice. Grayson is astounded, but seriously, why bring it up now? She's gone. And also, don't give her the recipe if you don't want her to use it. And don't pretend like it's an old family recipe; it's the proportions she needed for baking a cake. Sarah interviews that it was pretty shitty of Edward to bring it up once Heather was gone, and notes that Edward has kind of a dark side and can't be trusted.

There's a knock at the door and room service enters with copies of Modernist Cuisine by Nathan Myhrvold. Edward explains that, in addition to working at Microsoft for many years, Myhrvold has written these amazing books that are highly anticipated. There's a note telling the cheftestants to study up, so they all start paging through. They remark about there being a ton of information in there, and Beverly stays up late looking at them because she's a study nerd.

The next morning, the cheftestants find Nathan Myhrvold in the kitchen, waiting with Padma. Chris Moto basically wants to suck his dick. I'm just saying. He couldn't be more effusive in his praise. Myhrvold is a huge nerd and I find it hard to watch him. He gives a lecture about modernist cuisine, and how it's about delighting your diners. He adds that molecular gastronomy is part of it -- but only part of it -- and it's really about the intersection of science and food. Padma explains that their Quickfire Challenge is to create a modernist dish, and the winner gets immunity and a copy of the books. I don't get why everyone is talking about how they can't wait to get their hands on the books, and they're highly coveted. They're for sale. In bookstores. Granted, they're crazy expensive but it's not like they only printed ten copies and nine are locked in King Tut's tomb or something.

Ugh, Chris Moto is the worst. As if his terrible hair wasn't bad enough, he's also singing, "Go, daddy, go" and "give me that funky stuff" while he's cooking. And also explaining that it's his job at Moto (he works there? I had no idea) to find new ways to cook dishes. How about the old ways? What's wrong with the old ways? Nothing's wrong with the old ways, in most cases. So he's using miracle berry, which resets your palate and makes, for example, sour things taste sweet. Why would I want to do that? Why not just eat something sweet in the first place? This is why I hate food science. Or at least, this is the type of food science I hate.

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