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FINALLY! An episode that got me so riled up, I was hurling pens, notebooks, and cocktails at the TV! This episode really kicked all sorts of interesting ass. Also, I truly and deeply hate someone at long last. And it wasn't Bourdain, which really surprised the ever-living fuck out of me, quite honestly.

Mia, Elia, and Betty remark how quiet the girls' quarters are without Josie and Marisa. Yeah, especially Josie, I'll bet. Mia is shocked that someone as talented as Josie was let go already. Josie completely agrees with you.

Over in the boys' den, Ted Ilan snickers over Marcel's business cards and shows them to Michael. On one side, the card has Marcel's name and says "Culinary Entrepreneur" over a line drawing of a mushroom. On the back it looks like someone has written: "Marcel Vigneron" and under that, "The Next Top Chef." Michael wonders how many of them Marcel has handed out. So, I'm confused -- did Marcel give the card to Ted Ilan or did Ted Ilan dig through Marcel's stuff, TOUCHING his stuff, to find it? Maybe Marcel should beat him so bad his mother won't recognize him. Sadly, thinking of Marcel's tiny body, he could probably only beat him so bad that his second cousin wouldn't recognize him. Once again, Elia stands up for Marcel to us, explaining that she had known and worked with him before. Marcel tells us, "I don't really know if they all, like, got together one night [cut], throwing, like, darts at a board, like, trying to figure out: 'Oh, it landed on Marcel. Let's hate him!'" Marcel laughs rather forcedly. He reminds us that the competition is about the food and he just doesn't care about anything else at this point.

Quickfire. Padmadala and Colicchio are standing in the Krapmore Kitchen in front of a large display of canned food. Padmadala explains that Colicchio will be their judge for the day. Colicchio says, "With the holiday season upon us [In AUGUST?], we typically do a can drive in our restaurants. We ask our guests to bring canned goods that we distribute to community food banks. Not everyone has access to fresh foods, but that doesn't mean that they can't eat well." Colicchio tells them the Quickfire is to take an "unexciting ingredient" and "turn it into something fabulous." They have to use at least three cans and they have fifteen minutes. Mia weighs in with us, "You know, when my family was homeless, the food bank really helped us a lot, so I'm not scared to cook out of a can." That comment was juxtaposed against Marcel thinking how difficult this challenge will be.

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