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What the Turducken?!

At the Judges' Table, Bourdain repeats his previous sentiments that no one really took a chance with the challenge. They smack down Carlos' salad, praise Elia's soup, half-praise Marcel's dish, and slam Betty's dessert. Hysterically, when they turn to Michael's sides of beige -- which Colicchio can't believe he actually had the nerve to make -- Bourdain says, "That was so perverse, so inappropriate, I'm almost beginning to respect him." Bourdain goes on to say that the single-most enjoyable mouthful of food was the twice-baked potato. Problem was, as Colicchio points out, it wasn't cutting edge. Gail reminds them all of Michael's tasty amuse bouche, and Padmadala announces that she liked the cheese plate. Bourdain manages to drop another bon not, "It's like Charles Manson and Betty Crocker had a lovechild and he's cooking for me." Colicchio's screwed up face clearly says, "Must. Laugh. At. Everything. Bourdain. Says." Padmadala goes to get the Native Americans.

Gail starts off by asking if the Native Americans had a leader. "I thought I had some clever ideas to put a spin on it but they were shot down," Michael starts. What were his ideas, the judges want to know. "I wanted to make, like, a turducken lasagna. Could do like a layer of chicken or duck-chicken --" Colicchio interrupts to ask why he didn't do that because he thinks it sounds good. Michael repeats that he was shot down. Betty widens her eyes innocently. The judges give him props for his amuse bouche. Michael smiles that he's getting a "little redemption." Padmadala agrees that he did redeem himself with the amuse bouche. Colicchio wants to know what was cutting edge about the twice-baked potato. "I don't know, man, I just thought by putting some shrimp in it, maybe, I don't know, I've never eaten them with shrimp, you know, at home, so that's like a spin, you know?" Michael grins. Colicchio covers his eyes, laughing. "I love you like a son, already!" Bourdain announces. "Oh-ho-ho!" Betty laughs in disbelief. Bourdain admires Michael's sheer contrariness. Michael makes a mental note to look up "contrariness" and then immediately wonders what it was he was going to go look up. Bourdain goes on, "Your twice-baked potato, in spite of its absolutely Flintstonian execution, it was the single (for me) most enjoyable mouthful of food that I had this evening. The taste, it didn't suck." Okay, I have to admit, "Flintstonian" was absolutely hysterical. Turning to the salad, Bourdain wonders why Carlos chose it. Carlos says he didn't choose it but no one else wanted to do it, "so I decided to grab it by the reins." Colicchio points out that Carlos didn't have to make a salad. Carlos agrees, he didn't have to, but he did and he is very proud of what he did. Colicchio makes an "oookay" face. "It's Thanksgiving and you should be thankful for your friends and the food that you have because some people don't even have food," Carlos opines pollyannaishly. "Bad isn't it?" Colicchio says sarcastically. "Be nice!" Carlos orders. Colicchio makes another disdainful face.

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