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What the Turducken?!

Judges' Table. Colicchio dings them, "Nothing was necessarily cutting edge, but more importantly, nothing was good." Betty blinks at him. "And you can roll your eyes and think that's harsh but you know what? It wasn't good," Colicchio goes on. Oh, man! I think I might love him a little for that! Hells yeah, Colicchio, call Betty on her eye rolling and her bad cooking! Colicchio dresses down each cheftestant individually. Padmadala tells Carlos he's knife'd. Carlos walks out. Padmadala excuses the rest of them. On his way out, Michael shakes Bourdain's hand and says, "It's a pleasure." "Focus, dude!" Bourdain tells him. Michael promises he will. And Bourdain should never say "dude" ever, ever again.

In the back, Carlos announces he's going home to have a margarita and he will toast all the wonderful chefs he met on the show. "Remember, good luck and break an egg," Carlos says. Everyone gets up to shake his hand or hug him goodbye. Carlos tells us he is surprised he didn't go further in the competition because he still had a few tricks up his sleeve. "I came here for my Top Chef diploma, and I may not graduate but I definitely got an education." Was that speech one of the tricks up your sleeve? Carlos ceremoniously bangs the back of a hanging pan and leaves.

Next week: Sam seems to be freaking out, though it's hard to tell from how staid he is when he tells us, and Frank says Michael can't cook his way out of a paper bag unless it had French fries.

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