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What the Turducken?!

Back in the communal lofts, Frank gets into it -- promo-style -- with Marcel. "I want you to look in my eyes," Frank commands Marcel, putting his two forefingers up to his own eyes in that two-fingered "focus" point move, which is almost a self-inflicted Moe attack, "If you ever touch anything personal of mine, I will beat you so bad that your mother will not recognize you. That was not cool. Don't let it happen." Marcel turns huge wondering eyes, half-amused, on Michael. He then looks over at Ted Ilan, who is laughing. "What are you talking about?" Marcel asks Frank. Frank, his eyes wide and fixed, says, "My toothbrush on the floor?" Marcel calmly says, "I thought I put it in your toiletry bag." You did. Frank just keeps staring at him as he sits down. Marcel tells us, "I guess I'm not Frank's favorite. It's gotten beyond food and it's getting a little personal." What has Marcel done with his hair in this interview scene? It's either tied up in a Goody hair clip or he's top-knotted himself because he also wants to be a Sumotori. Although, considering it's Marcel, it might actually be a scrunchy.

Michael stonishly restates the Elimination challenge for us, "So, it's, like, Thanksgiving morning, and we got, like, four hours to bang out Thanksgiving in a dorm room. It's... like, totally hairy." He is just pure comic relief. Look at that baked on grin of his -- Batali would love him. Betty, Elia, and Carlos sit around their loft and chat a bit. Carlos asks what they are thankful for -- like, are we really supposed to believe this is actually Thanksgiving morning? Because I don't. "Let's go around the table," Carlos says, sounding exactly like Mrs. Carmody, my second-grade teacher, "What are you thankful for, Elia?" Elia opens her mouth to show him her see-food. "Food!" Carlos announces in that same bright classroom tone. Elia tells us, needlessly, that she's not really into the challenge. Back in the kitchen, Elia says with zero expression, "I am thankful because I have Tom Colicchio as my juuuudge." She pauses and then nods, "So thankful." The whole delivery is so perfect: sarcastic and hysterical. I want Elia to help me recap. Hell, I want Elia to have her own show. She could call it, "Chocolate and Sarcasm." She's so awesome.

In the Toothbrush Loft, Marcel and Michael get to work. They're focused. Michael tells us, "I'm doing a twice-baked potato with shrimp, a turkey canapé, and corn, and a cheese plate. I think I'm gonna knock it all down. No problem." He's also doing a mashed potato-something. Marcel babbles that he's going to be cutting it really close and asks Michael, who is shucking corn, "What do you think they're doing next door?" Michael grunts that he doesn't know. Most of Michael's responses to Marcel have been grunts in this scene.

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