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What the Turducken?!

Next door, Carlos meticulously preps his salad. We see a skillet of pepitas (pumpkin seeds), and Carlos is sitting down, slicing garlic cloves. Carlos tells us, "My prep day consists of concentrating on the salad. So, for the four hours, I really try to dedicate myself to my salad." Elia sautés the mushrooms for her soup. Betty complains about the oven temp and tells us she having problems getting her crème brûlées to the right consistency. So far, there's no sign of Marcel helping or hindering her. Okay?

While the Native Americans are hard at it, the Pilgrims have breakfast at Simon L.A. at the Sofitel. After toasting the fact that they aren't cooking Thanksgiving dinner on that hot summer day, the Pilgrims talk smack about the Native Americans. Someone wonders if they picked a leader, and Mia says, "No, I think Marcel pretty much separated himself from the rest of the group and is doing whatever Marcel is gonna do." Dude, they all have to be separate from one another because that's what they're being judged on. Just stop with the trumping up of issues against Marcel. Arrogant he may be, but he's not separating himself from the rest of the Native Americans any more than any of them are. Mia shakes her head that there has to be some level of camaraderie otherwise the whole meal will be a disaster. Much like the Social lunch was?

Back at the lofts, Colicchio arrives for his Sniff 'n' Sneer. He asks what they're working on. Oh, just get out, you big, fat, pink ass! Elia, chopping mushrooms, says, "I am working on chopping my mushrooms." HA! Take THAT, Chef Sniff 'n' Sneer! Colicchio asks what the mushrooms are for. "For a mushroom soup," Elia says, turning around to look at him. "Okay," Colicchio says, sort of confused by her shortness. Elia asks if she can ask him to be honest about something. This should be good. She wants to know what he liked about Cliff's Quickfire dish. Colicchio says he thought it was pretty good. "Really?" Elia says, "I speet eet oowwt." Elia goes on that she was shocked by his decision. "Really?" Colicchio says. "Really, really, really -- I am being sincere, here," Elia says. Colicchio says, "You had to try the whole thing." Elia responds, "I was so mad and demotivated, but if you're saying that you really liked the flavors." Colicchio's thinking, "I really don't care about you being 'demotivated,' if that's even a word and I don't think it is, but DING! DING! DING! I'm totally going to throw it back at you at the Judges' Table." Colicchio says he was judging both on taste and how the products were used, "I thought it was good." Elia tells us that she now totally respects Colicchio's decision because she has come to realize that they simply have completely different palates, "I respect this man and he's my judge and I have to stick with his decisions." Dammit. I loved it when Elia was hating Colicchio -- it was so hysterical. Elia tells us she's now going to do her very best on the soup. I know they're couching it as being so Thanksgiving-ly for them to be cooking at home, but I can't help wondering if this was one of the times the Krapmore Kitchens broke down.

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