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Berenice (I hate how her name is spelled because it makes me think of a nice bear) is making Asian short ribs. Lindsay thinks that braising bone-in veal is a test of time management, so when she sees Tom approaching her to talk, she runs away to avoid him because she doesn't have time. I love that. I would do that too. Time is running out for the twenty-minute group. Kim is worried because her fennel is not cooking, but she has no choice but to start plating. Uncooked fennel would really ruin her fennel on fennel with shaved fennel dish with some lamb. Meanwhile, Andrew doesn't think any part of his dish is good and then to make matters worse, he's just throwing the food on the plate any old way. It really is a mess. And...time!

Kim serves first: pan-seared lamb chop with kalamata olives and arugula. Wait, where's the fennel? I was promised fennel. I thought fennel was her main ingredient. I guess she skipped it when it didn't cook. Andrew serves roasted mushrooms with brown butter vinaigrette, crispy spinach and poached egg. His egg is a mess. The yolk is broken and seeping out and the white is all tattered and torn. Egg fail. Paul made grilled trout with southwest Asian tomato salad. I'm not clear if that means the southwestern part of Asia or a merging of American Southwest and Asian flavors. Probably the latter, since he's from Texas.

The judges start with Paul. Tom says that it was his favorite dish of the group, and Hugh adds that it was very precise. So Paul is in! Next up is Kim. Padma says her lamb was greasy, and Tom says it was overcooked. But what of the fennel? She wouldn't shut up about it and then it disappeared. Someone solve this fennel mystery. Anyway, Kim is told to pack her knives and go. Andrew tells the judges (when asked) that he's nervous and not proud of what he served. Tom says that the mushrooms are semi-gritty but roasted well, and Padma adds that the flavors were good but the plate was messy. So they put him on the bubble to give him another chance. Andrew is thrilled, since he knows this wasn't his best effort.

Andrew walks into the Stew Room. No one is happy to see him since that just decreases their own odds. Grayson, in particular, has a really sour puss on her face. Andrew says he'll cook five times today if that's what it takes to get in.

Meanwhile, the forty-minute group is getting ready to plate. This group includes Chaz of risotto fame. Jonathan is struggling with nerves, because as a private chef, he's not used to cooking under this pressure. Berenice wants to marinate her short ribs so they're tender, but her marinade isn't working out. Laurent didn't get his duck crispy. He blames the oven, which I thought he could control but maybe it's a French oven and it just does whatever it wants, screw you! Ashley runs over and says she'll assist Chaz if he needs it, since he only has a minute left. Chaz obviously thought he had more time since he hasn't even started plating yet. Ashley offers to help him plate but I don't know if he heard her. And Chaz is still running back to his station as the timer goes off, so he didn't get one drop of risotto on a plate. Damn. I wonder if it was even any good.

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