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He has to walk out to the judges with three empty plates and explains what happened, which is basically that he lost track of time. I'm upset about the wasted food. Padma tells Chaz that he has to pack his knives and go home, but he still jokes that Padma broke up with him and it cut him deep. Berenice serves an Asian-style short rib with cabbage slaw. Laurent made duck with lemon yuzu curd and arugula. Jonathan made Spanish style Brussels sprouts with tomato sofrito and hazelnut gremolata. I'm not behind this new plating style where everything looks like a shooting star. There's like a big plop of food on one end and then the food trails off to the other side. Do not like.

They start with Jonathan. Tom says that the Brussels sprouts were neither seasoned nor cooked, and Hugh agrees, so just like that, Jonathan is out. I'm guessing he focused more on his sofrito than his main ingredient. Laurent is next. Hugh says that there were many elements on the plate that didn't always make sense, so he's on the bubble. Tom says that Laurent has a ton of experience, but based on that dish, Tom says no. Padma gets to decide Laurent's fate, and she didn't like his food, but thinks he has potential, so he's on the bubble for sure. Berenice is last. Hugh thinks her dish was "one-dimensional and uninspired." Tom says that they can only judge by what they see, not where someone works (she works for Michelle Bernstein), so Berenice is going home. Wow, in that whole group, no one got a coat, at least not yet.

So now we just have the sixty-minute group left: Beverly, Lindsay and Ashley. Beverly could not be cuter. She has a note in her pocket that says, "I can, I must, I will." She's like a cartoon character. Ashley wants to check her oxtail, which is in the pressure cooker. She's trying to take the lid off while it's still hot. I don't think that's how it works. It doesn't seem like a good idea to try to remove the lid while steam is coming out. Isn't there a valve or something? Finally, Lindsay tells her to take it to the sink and run it under cold water, probably because she doesn't want to see anyone die in an explosion. Both Beverly and Ashely are working on getting their protein more tender in the last few minutes.

Time for service! Ashley made braised oxtail in a Filipino dish called "Kare Kare." Lindsay made braised veal over creamy polenta and a warm salad. Warm salad sounds really, really gross. I hate warm lettuce. She probably didn't use lettuce, right? Beverly made Korean-style octopus called "Nakji Bokum."

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