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The judges start with Lindsay: Tom says he loves it and it's perfectly seasoned. Hugh agrees, and Lindsay gets a coat. Moving on to Ashley, Tom says that he wishes her oxtail had been more tender. Padma agrees, but she thinks Ashley has potential so she would put her on the bubble. Hugh thinks Ashley needs to mature a little more, so he has to send her home. Wow. I really thought Ashley was going to make it through based on how much screen time she was getting. I feel like I invested in her, emotionally, and now she just dumped me. Anyway, Padma asks Beverly if she's familiar with cooking Korean food and Beverly says she's really not. Tom thinks she took a risk and he loved it and wants to see more from her. Hugh agrees, so Beverly gets a coat. She's adorable.

Over in the house, the cheftestants are pouring champagne when the final group shows up: Paul, Lindsay and Beverly. That's it! That seems like a small amount, right? Anyway, they talk about how happy they are that they didn't have to go back and cook a second time from being on the bubble.

Speaking of the bubble, those people are getting pretty sick of waiting, but Molly points out that it's better to be sitting there waiting instead of headed home. She and Ed start chatting and Molly says that she cooks on a cruise ship, and Ed is kind of an asshole about it. Molly gives him a DEATH GLARE. Everyone talks about how many slots there might be, and most of them think there are two (they're right). Ed posits that there might only be one and they're all like, "Hell, no!" Ed interviews that if they leave him in the Stew Room long enough, he might kill the other five to get the jacket. Maybe THAT'S what they want to happen. It's like Thunderdome. Six chefs enter, one chef leaves. The twist is that then the remaining chef has to cook the other's body parts and serve them to the judges, you know, liver with a nice Chianti and all that. I'm sorry. That just took a turn. I will go bleach my brain and come back and finish. I'm just saying, Ed could really be a serial killer and I would not be surprised one bit.

Padma comes in and asks them all to return to the kitchen. Emeril, Tom, Padma and Hugh are all there. No Gail? She's probably off eating slash judging desserts. Janine used to be one of my favorites, but her teeth are way too big for her mouth and she talks like Ann Landers. It's not a good thing. Anyway, Padma explains that the challenge is basically, "Cook something" and they have forty-five minutes. No, seriously, they can cook whatever they want. So they have no excuses about constraints here.

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