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Molly explains that the judges told her that she didn't emphasize the protein enough last time, so she's going to cook shrimp. Yeah, that's REALLY easy to overcook. I would choose something with a little more flexibility, I think. Andrew decides to do mussels with a Spanish flair. Great, now I'll be singing "Pulling Mussels from a Shell" for the next two days. Thanks, Andrew. Grayson interviews that her mom sat her down when she was a freshman in high school and asked her what she wanted to do with her life, and Grayson was thinking that all she wanted to do was drink (wow!) but she started working in restaurants and there you go! If this cooking thing doesn't work out, she could probably get work as a Sarah McLachlan impersonator. She has the most '90s hair I've ever seen since the '90s.

Janine and her dentures explain that she was with someone for nine years, they had a commitment ceremony, and then a month later, her partner said that she didn't like Janine's vows and broke up with her over the phone. Okay, that didn't happen. Either her partner was cheating or Janine is truly, truly awful to live with, or there was some other inciting incident. Laurent is making scallops two ways, one cooked and one raw. You all know how I feel about dishes made X ways, but as long as he doesn't call it a duo, I guess we're good. Just a pet peeve. Edward notes that everyone else is making seafood, so he decides to do duck. He wants to prove that there is good cooking outside of New York. Has he ever watched the show before? Plenty of winners have been from outside of New York. Get the chip off your shoulder, Kentucky.

Weird Interstitial. The cheftestants who already have coats choose rooms. The dudes have bunk beds. Keith is a giant, so I'm not sure how that's going to work. He definitely needs a bottom bunk.

Edward is cooking and he cuts his finger. His treatment involves putting on a glove. So that'll probably work out. Except that almost instantly, his entire glove fills with blood and it starts dripping down his arm. That's probably not sanitary. A medic shows up and starts dressing his arm. Edward interviews that he's not going to stop cooking to get bandaged, and he kind of wishes he could cut off his hand and give it to the medic to get fixed up. Is he a robot? Luckily, the medic is able to get him patched up.

Janine is making something with scallops and watermelon, so she obviously watched last season. Molly is focused on getting her food done on time, unlike everyone else, who is...just catching butterflies? Anyway, as the time runs down, we get interviews from each person where they vow not to make the same mistakes that they did the first time and they are really stressed out. Molly notes that during plating, she forgets that her shrimp are still cooking on the stove, and she worries that they're overdone. Probably, since shrimp takes like a few minutes to cook.

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