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All six bubble cheftestants are serving at once. Ed serves duck with BBQ sauce and sweet Asian custard. Molly offers up a jumbo stuffed prawn, mousseline of shrimp with soy glazed watermelon and rice. The prawn takes up about 2/3 of the dish, so if she screwed that up, she's toast. Janine made seared scallop with baby clams, bacon, corn and watermelon garnish. Grayson made creamy polenta with bacon wrapped shrimp and Port wine fig sauce. That actually sounds really good. Laurent made scallop two ways (no duo!): tartare and seared on a bed of fennel with saffron. His raw scallop looks like a brain? Why is it gray? That does not look appetizing at all. Andrew made mussels with sherry, fregula, charred corn panna cotta and shrimp. Unlike most of these dishes, it looks like an actual meal. There's a lot of food on the plate.

Judging time. Janine took the judges' advice and simplified her dish. Hugh wanted the watermelon to be incorporated more. Emeril thought it was simple and well-executed. I guess they're going to wait until the end to reveal who's going through. Tom tells Molly that her shrimp is overcooked, and Hugh thinks the flavors aren't married. Hugh, you should know that the flavors are gay and there's no gay marriage in Texas. Molly did what she could. Ed is up next: Emeril loves the flavors and the presentation, but Hugh thinks the duck is just slightly overcooked.

Tom asks Grayson why the figs are there with the bacon and shrimp, and Grayson says she likes figs and bacon together. Tom is glad to hear she meant for the figs to go with the bacon and not the shrimp, and really that she thought about it at all, since he likes dishes to have intention. Tom and Emeril both liked her dish. Moving on to Andrew, Emeril liked his smoked paprika but wasn't sure about the panna cotta, and Tom wishes he had skipped the panna cotta and just done the mussels. And finally, with Laurent, Tom points out that the raw scallop is gray and looks very unappetizing. Emeril agrees that the rest of the dish is good except for the tartare.

Padma says there are two slots to fill and the judges need to converse. Back in the Stew Room, the cheftestants are worried about what the judges said, and they try to parse the meaning. Grayson says that you never know, based on comments who's staying and who's going. Andrew thinks his dish was solid, and it would be a heartbreak not to make it into the finals after all this.

The judges discuss the food. Emeril thinks that Molly's shrimp was overdone, and it was the main part of the dish so it really needed to be perfect. Tom was just confused about Laurent's dish, because he served a tartare on a hot plate (that is really odd) and the spices were terrible. Okay, so those two are definitely out. Who's next?

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